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Friday, February 12, 2016

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School Funding

I try not to make it a point of getting political in our e-Newsletters. This brief piece addresses the impasse our state legislature is currently in with Supplemental State Aid (SSA) or in other terms how the state appropriates money to school districts. We are in a critical state after last year's continued decrease in SSA and the governor's veto against the one-time appropriations bill that was to be used for public education. You may or may not have seen stories though different media outlets from Dr. Buck about what percentage our district would need to keep the current operational levels.

To keep a long, rambling story short, WE NEED YOUR HELP. The legislators often hear from educators and our message sometimes gets tuned out. What's vital is for them to hear from those directly impacted...students and parents. Please, please, please follow the link to the "Budget at a Glance" document created by our district:

Also, please contact your legislators and stress the importance of SSA to meet or exceed the 3.72%.

Flint Water Donations

Ms. Johnson and her Trendsetters group will be holding a water donation homeroom competition for the city of Flint which recently suffered the devastation of a contaminated water supply. Competition will begin Monday, February 15 and continue until Friday, February 19. Students are encouraged to bring in bottled water, cash and/or coins to their homerooms. The winning homeroom with the most donations at the end of the week will be rewarded with Dilly Bars.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Iowa Assessments

Before long students will be settling in to take the Iowa Assessments. The window for assessments is February 29-March 11. Our format for this year's tests will be similar with students testing Monday, February 29-March 3. The following days will be used for make-ups.

The week prior to assessments our teachers will be taking our students through some goal-setting. Students will examine their Reading, Math, and Science scores from last year. We will examine expected growth and encourage all students to not set a goal for a ranking, but rather to meet or exceed their expected growth for the year. Be sure to talk with your child about this. An all-call will go out to families on Sunday, February 28 reminding families of the Iowa Assessments.

One thing we try to do for our students is to provide snacks during the Assessments. This is made possible through the generous donations of our parents. There will be a sign-up for parents willing to donate items such as Gogurt, bananas, string cheese, and granola bars. We're also offering an incentive for students to be here on all testing days.

1st Semester Honor Roll

We congratulate those students recognized on the 1st Semester Honor Roll. In addition to being recognized in this week's e-Newsletter students will also receive a certificate. These will be given to students during their homeroom next week. Making the honor roll is a testament to the effort and hard work to keep up in the classroom. Congrats to all our honored students!

Follow the link for all the 1st Semester recipients:

District Climate Survey

A critical part of the District’s continuous improvement focus is candid feedback from the people it serves. To that end, we are again reaching out to parents, employees, and high school students for feedback on such aspects of education as academic preparation, school operations, school leadership, safety and behavior, and parent engagement.

District parents who did not receive a survey invitation by email, may access the survey at

Coe Tutoring

We are happy to announce that our collaboration with Coe College will continue this school year. On Wednesdays after school we'll have approximately 13-15 students available to work 1:1 or in small groups with students from 2:15-3:30 in the Franklin IMC. Students will be provided a snack. Our students that took part in this program received academic as well as organizational support. This opportunity is free of charge and students will be provided a snack.

If you or your student is interested please contact our Counseling Department (558-2258) so we can help organize students on the Wednesdays. This will begin Wednesday, February 3 and will continue through the end of the second semester college schedule.

Upcoming Concerts

Our winter concerts are upcoming. Our groups look forward to showcasing their hard work since the previous concerts. The format for the concerts will be the same as the fall. Parking will be a little more difficult with the winter snow so we encourage you to leave enough time to park in the surrounding neighborhood. We would also appreciate the cooperation of all audience members to fill all seats as we again expect a full house for the band and vocal concerts.

Vocal Concert

Monday, February 22

  • 6th Grade-6:00PM
  • 7th Grade-6:45PM
  • 8th Grade-7:30PM

Orchestra Concert

Thursday, February 25, 7:00PM

Band Concert

Tuesday, March 1, 7:00PM

Spring Conferences

Before we know it Spring Conferences will be here. We are fortunate to have the time set aside to have conversations between school and home. The dates for conferences this spring are:

  • Thursday, March 24 from 3:00-8:00PM
  • Monday, March 28 from 3:00-8:00PM

We will use the same format we used in the fall. We will use School Messenger as a way to communicate the specifics with conferences in addition to the link used to schedule with teachers. We hope to see as many of you as possible later in March. Stay tuned!

2nd Quarter PARRT Awards

During the week of February 8 we held grade level assemblies to hand out 2nd Quarter PARRT Awards. PARRT is the way we teach expectations throughout the building. This acronym stands for Personal Best, Active Listening, Respect, Responsibility, and Trustworthiness. At the end of every quarter we will distribute awards for students who have met the following criteria:

  • No grade lower than a C
  • No office referrals
  • Absent from school 2 or less days
  • No missing work
  • 3 or fewer late assignments

Besides being recognized in front of their peers they also received a certificate with the following items to be redeemed: 4 front of the line lunch passes, eat lunch with a friend in the student lounge, 20 Bolt Bucks, and 1 homework pass. To see the list of students who qualified for 1st Quarter follow the link:

Counseling Department News

8th Grade Transition Continues

The Counseling Department continues to work with 8th graders on the important transition to high school. Students have listened to presentations by high school staffs and this week attended their activities concert. On Monday your child should have brought home the teacher recommendation forms. Next week counselors will work with 8th graders during their Science class to put together a draft of their schedule in preparation for February 18th when Washington and Kennedy High School Registration will take place during the school day.

District Permits

Please follow the link for information concerning the district permits for the 2016-17 school year:

If you have any questions please contact our Counseling Office.

Franklin Blood Drive

The Franklin Student Council we be sponsoring a Blood Drive on Thursday, March 24th. Any adults in the building who would be interested in donating please let Ms. Dvorak know. Our minimum goal is 20 donors. We will be hoping for twice that amount. Now is the time to get signed up.

January 29 Activity Day

6th Grade

6th Graders revised their trip this year and attended AirFX in two shifts. By the looks of it the students had a great job jumping around and playing laser tag. The best part about it, there were no injuries...except for some sore staff members. In addition to attending AirFX students participated in different activities when they were in the building. We heard fantastic comments about the way our students behaved and represented themselves. Thanks to our staff who helped organize the activity and the chaperons who helped accompany our students.

7th Grade

7th Graders returned again to Westdale Bowling Center throwing strikes and spare...and some gutters. Students had a great time enjoying one another's company and a day out of the building away from academics. A big thank you to our staff and parent chaperons who helped organize and supervise the day.

8th Grade

8th Graders had a beautiful day of skiing at Sundown. The newly built lodge provided amazing accommodations and the 200+ students and staff quickly went through the equipment lines and hit the slopes and instructional lessons early. Other than a couple hard falls everyone remained safe and injury free. This is a large undertaking of an event and we appreciate Mr. Jeffords and the 8th grade staff in organizing the event. Thank you also to our chaperons who attended the trip as well.

Dows Contest

The 23rd Annual Dows Contest will be open for entries beginning on Tuesday, January 19th. The Dows Contest is a great way for Franklin students to showcase their talent in writing and/or art and earn cash prizes for exceptional work. The contest runs from January 19th to February 24th, 2016.

This is a yearly event at Franklin and is made possible by the Dows Family Trust administered thru the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation.

We encourage all students to participate and submit their original writing and art work creations. Entries must be submitted to Dr. Carr or Ms. Rose by 2:00 PM Wednesday, February 24th, 2016. Please make sure that all contest rules are followed and that entries are submitted along with the appropriate entry forms. Please click on the links below for more information.

Please see Ms. Rose or Dr. Carr with questions.

Paper Needed!!!

If you have spare reams of paper lying around the house we would appreciate a replenishment of our supply. We have nearly gone through the entire supply that was brought at the beginning of the year and the more donations we have the less money out of our building budget we need to spend.

Hy-Vee Homeroom Receipt Challenge

The results are in and all the Hy-Vee receipts have been totaled. Everyone did an amazing job for Franklin. During our receipt challenge over $153,000 in receipts were brought into Franklin. That combined with what we had previously, brings our total to over $194,000 in receipts. That equates to $970 for Franklin. Great job Bolts!!

A big thank you goes out to everyone who participated. We would like to especially thank Ms. Cornell and Ms. Hollingsworth’s classes for totaling all of the receipts. It was quite a job!!

The class with the most receipts and the winner of the class pizza party is Ms. Davies 6th hour class. They brought in a total of $20,446 in receipts.

If you still have receipts at home and didn’t get them in, you can still drop them off in the main office or save them for our next challenge. We still have until the end of April to collect receipts for this year.

Concession Help Needed

We try open our concession stand during our sporting events. This is a great way for our PTA to make money. Each event we tend to make over $100. This adds up and provides great support to our students and school. In order for us to run the concession stand we need at least one adult willing to volunteer their time. Without an adult we are unable to have the stand open. Please see the sign up on the link below for the remaining home wrestling events. Your help would be greatly appreciated.


Friends of Franklin

Want to support Franklin? Check out our page that has information about our Friends of Franklin. We are extremely appreciative for the amount of support that our PTA has provided us. If you've seen our video announcement system in the school it was made partially possible because of the PTA purchasing 4 TVs.

PTA Sign-Ups

Follow the link below to the PTA SignUpGenius page that will take you to all available sign-ups to support upcoming events. This page will be edited throughout the year.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, February 13

Illumination @ Washington MoShow Show Choir Competition, 2:00PM Performance

Tuesday, February 16

Wrestling @ Taft

Thursday, February 18

Wrestling @ Home vs. McKinley & Linn-Mar

Monday, February 22

Vocal Concert

  • 6th Grade-6:00PM
  • 7th Grade-6:45PM
  • 8th Grade-7:30PM

Tuesday, February 23

Wrestling @ Home vs. Northwest & Wilson

Thursday, February 25

Orchestra Concert, 7:00PM

Friday, February 26

Coe Jazz Summit @ Coe

Illumination @ Marion, 6:30PM Performance

Saturday, February 27

Illumination @ Kennedy Raise the Roof, 8:45AM Performance