Circuit Building Reflection

By Mohamed Bahgat


Hello and welcome to my Circuit Building Reflection page. In this page I will be talking to you about what I did while building my circuits, if I learned anything while building, if I enjoyed building, if I didn't enjoy building, what would I do differently in building my circuits, etc. I hope you enjoy.

What did I do while building my circuits?

While building my circuits I stripped a lot of wire, connected many parts, did some testing, followed the schematic, learn from my mistakes etc. It was hard at first because I made many mistakes but once you get the hang of it, it starts working. I used what I learned in class to make the circuit, such as the longer side of the LED is the positive so it has to be coming from the positive and vice versa with the negative (shoter end) . It took me around a class or two to make the logic probe circuit. After that it took me half a class to make the 555 timer circuit. The logic gates were fairly easy to build aswell. Also I connected two wires, one from positive to positive, and one from negative to negative.

What did I learn?

While building my circuit, I learned many things. First of all, I leaned that you cannot connect the wire in the middle section parallel to the flow of the electricity. This is because the electrons will always take the shorter path. You have to use some logic to make sure the wire or part will work and will be connected properly. Secondly, I learned that you must connect a resistor to an LED or else it will burn out. This happened to me and I learned from my mistake. Thirdly, I learned that the higher the capacitor you have, the longer the signal will be since it has to recharge the big capacitor. Lastly, transistors can be very hot and cause smoke. This I do not know why but it happened to me.

What did I enjoy and what I did not enjoy?

I enjoyed many things while building my circuit. I enjoy actually building the circuit. It is fun because I like to use my hands to make stuff instead of doing it electroniclly. I also like when my circuit works because I feel as if I accomplished something. I also like to make it neat and organized because it will look much better. I did not enjoy the written part like answering question, drawing the circuit of a piece of paper, and cutting the wires. These things were very boring.

If I would repeat the circuit I would...

I would make it more organized, make it in a faster time, and make less mistakes.

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