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About me

Well Hi! My name is Astatine Halogen, I am 75 years old and was discovered by Dale R. Corson, Kenneth Ross Mackenzie and Emilio Segre at the University California. I was isolated the same year by one of the scientist who discovered me, Dale R. Coson. My atomic number is 85 and my mass number is 210 u. I work as a medical oncologist due to the fact that I am used in cancer treatment because I am radioactive.

I have 7 valence electrons and only need one more. I am looking for an element that is willing to give one electron to have a full outer shell. So anyone on the left side of the periodic table.

Getting to know the family

My family is known as the Halogens. We are a family of 5, you have my father Fluorine (F), my mother Chlorine (Cl), then you have my annoying brother Bromine (Br) ,my hormonal older sister Iodine (I) and of course you have me, the favorite, astatine (At). (

Our last name Halogen means “salt-producing”. When we react with metals we produce a large range of salts, explaining my four nephews, calcium fluoride, sodium chloride (common salt), silver bromide and potassium iodide. We are the only family that contains elements in the three stages, solid, liquid and gas.

All of us, Halogens form acid when we are with Hydrogen. My mother brother and sister, chlorine, bromine and iodine, are often used as disinfectants. Elemental halogens are lethally to dangerously toxic, so word of advise don't get on our bad side.

Everything and anything

As for the personal things I’ll just dive right in.

I have a Electronegativity (according to Pauling) of 2.2 and my density is 7 grams. My ionic radius is unknown. My melting point is 302 celsius and scientist estimate my boiling point is at 337 celsius. I have a color of metallic and am a solid at 298 K. I have an atomic radius is 127 pm along with an Ionization Energy at 9,300.

I am one of the younger elements on the periodic table only being 75 years old, I came much later with the periodic development.

Over to the light you can see a lewis dot diagram of myself. I am only missing one in order to have a full shell. The elements that would be compatible with me would be those on the right side of the periodic table being able to give up one of their electrons to be with me.