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Congrat's to May's $1K Club

This month these ladies have all partied hard and put in more than $1,000 in Personal Volume. As a congrats they will be getting happy mail from me!!!

Marisa Caster

Mary Casey

Megan Silva

Juli Holley

Michelle Tate

Shana Smith

Can I get a Whoop Whoop?!?!

Congrats to everyone that took the May Challenge!!!

The following girls had 2 or more parties in May:

Megan Whitworth ~ 2

Micah Robertshaw ~ 2

Mary Casey ~ 4

Megan Silva ~ 6

Juli Holley ~ 7

Michelle Tate ~ 7

Mandi Allen ~ 2

Shana Smith ~ 3

& Marisa Caster ~ 2

31 recommends that you have a minimum of 2 in home parties a month if you want to have a healthy business. Way to go ladies!!! Because these ladies have met the challenge requirements their names are going into a drawing for two Starbucks Gift Cards.

AND the winners of the challenge are... Megan Silva and Juli Holley!!!

Product Premier is THIS Saturday!!!

Whoop Whoop!!! Product Premier is this Saturday at 10 am. Doors open at 9:30 (local time) and the movie will begin promptly at 10:00 AM (local time).

Again, before the show, make sure you print your e-ticket. You’ll need it for admission and to collect your amenity.

After the Product Premier don't run off... We will be doing a team lunch at the new Jason's Deli off of Forest Park and Rosedale (off of 30) for those of you in the FW area :)

You still have 1 week to order your shirt!!!

Check out this super cute 31 shirt!!!

If you are attending National Conference, then you will need to order one to have for the day that we all wear the same shirt. If you are not attending but would like to have one, you can order one too. Please send your $25 check and size to Becky Cave and she will get it ordered for you!

ALL shirt orders will need to be in by June17th. Please mail your check and your size of shirt to:

Becky Cave
3413 Foot Hills Drive
Weatherford, TX 76087

On check, please put in the notes area "31 Tshirt"
We ordered a sample to make sure I liked the size and quality. Becky normally wears a small in a regular tshirt and ordered an extra small. It was a perfect fit so you may want to go down 1 size from your normal size.

We are all "Better Together"

Our August field event, 'Better Together', will be held Saturday, August 15 through Saturday, August 22. This event will replace the normal Celebrate & Connect. There are more details about this meeting on TOT! It is going to be packed full of great training and celebration with your 31 sisters.

I will be registering to host an event this week and will let you know the date once I have it nailed down. You can register to attend an event beginning Wednesday, June 24 through 11:59 p.m. EDT on Friday, July 10.

One of the biggest changes that you might see between this and the Celebrate and Connect meetings is that there will not be an amenity... 31 has focused this time together to be intense business training to help you have a successful fall. On top of that we are able to earn over $600 in FREE Fall Product when we attend Product Premier, National Conference and earn levels of Ready, Set, Sell!!! WOW!!!

I can't wait to see where some of you use your new fall product in your homes and out and about! :)

12 Weeks of SUMMER LOVIN headed your way!!

Thirty-One is making SUMMER SIZZLE a little more for our hostesses and customers...

Weekly Hostess Exclusive Bundles*

They’re usually a mystery, but this summer we’re going to reveal the Hostess Exclusive Bundle each week, for 12 weeks, with 12 different Hostess Exclusive Bundles for your Hostess to choose from for just $31! This is in addition to our regular monthly Hostess Specials and Hostess Exclusives and she’ll save over 50% on these bundles!

There’s something for your Customers this summer, too!

Customer Summer Surprise Items**

Along with the monthly Customer Specials, we’re offering a surprise to your Customers with weekly Customer Summer Surprise items. Your Customer will not know what she’ll receive, but we can guarantee that she’ll save 50% or more each week!

The Customer Surprise will be a typical product offering – she won’t need to reach a qualifier to purchase, but it can be used towards each monthly Customer Special.

It’s important to know that you cannot return a Customer Surprise item or receive a refund if your Customer is not happy with the product she receives.

Check out TOT for all of the details and some great resources from Home Office to market this event! Summer starts NOW!!!

Go "All In" this June!

Introducing our newest style … the All-In Tote!

This seasonal exclusive is available ONLY in June, when it will be featured as part of both the Customer AND Hostess Special!

June Customers can get one for only $25 with every $35 spent, while June Hostesses can get an All-In Tote Bundle – which comes with a Zipper Pouch and two Large Timeless Memory Pouches – for FREE with a $600 party!

This fashionable and functional new style will even be available in some NEW fall prints, like the sophisticated Charcoal Links (pictured).

The tote is perfect for girls packing for a sleepover or families to use on a road trip or as a carry-on. It’s a great way for girls of all ages to tote whatever they need with confidence.

The All-In Tote will be available June 1. All the tools you'll need for the June specials will be available on the How to Market June page on May 1. Watch out for social graphics to begin booking June parties!


May 11th - July 31st ~ 12 WEEKS of SUMMER!

June ~ All In Tote / Double Duty Caddy Special

June 13th ~ Fall Product Premier happening at a theater near you 10 am local time zone

June 24- July 10th ~ Registration for August Field Event

July 18 -20th 2015 ~ National Conference in Denver, CO!!!

Aug 15-22 ~ August Field Event "Better Together"

Sarah Pope

Independent Senior Director

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