Global Warming

Joey, Lily, Ivy, Savannah

What are the consequences of increasing temperatures here on Earth?

  • Changes in the greenhouse effect, which affects the amount of heat retained by Earth’s atmosphere
  • Variations in the sun's energy reaching Earth
  • Changes in the refectivity of Earth’s atmosphere and surface
  • Acclerating Sea Level Rising, average global sea level has increased eight inches since 1880.

  • Changes in Earths climate can impact our heath, with things like air pollution, longer and stronger allergy seasons, stronger heat waves, and heavy frequent rain storms causing flooding.

What could we as humans do to help prevent or alleviate these consequences?

  • Triple R's
  • Less electricity,
  • Use CFL light bulbs
  • Drive less, drive smart
  • Plant a tree
  • Minimize the use of appliances
  • fill a dish washer
  • take shorter showers
  • use less plastic
25 Alarming Global Warming Statistics