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Surviving in the Southwest

We continue to explore the early people of North America by heading to the plains, great basin, and eastern woodlands regions to find out how they adapt to their environment in order to survive. We are integrating this information with our biome brochure research, by using informational texts to help us understand the plants, animals, and adaptations made by various groups of organisms in order to survive. How do the plants, animals, and people in each region survive?

The kids made GREAT connections last Friday when asked to think about how different organisms "help a community" whether it's through designing innovative ideas or by modeling and promoting good choices in being responsible for their area. Either way, their appreciation for "community" has seemed to expand which is very exciting for our first grade buddy class, as we will be going to help them understand these concepts next week through a book project and iMovie. I hope your child is sharing with you the concept they chose to gather more research about. They were soooo excited Friday, it filled my heart seeing their enthusiasm and passion!

Southwest Native American Stations

Upcoming Assessments -

Math - our graphing assessment will be Friday, covering all graphing concepts we've explored through hands on data collection and analysis opportunities. They have taken notes and glued in graph examples they have created collaboratively and independently. Students have also been given access to a great on-line review tool they use daily: With the username and password (which is also included on Edmodo) they are welcome to review and prepare for upcoming assessments! For the upcoming assessment, they know to look under the heading "understanding graphs, charts, tables" & "coordinate grids" to help them prepare.

Social Studies/Science - We continue to work on our Native Biome Brochures, however, I do like to "check in" on students on this journey to reduce the chance of misconceptions. I will check for understanding of the Southwest and Northwest Coast regions on Thursday. Students will be asked to create a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast the shelter, adaptations, and cultural practices. We will also have a check towards the beginning of next week (please check agenda for specific dates) about the classification of plants and animals. Your child has been taking notes throughout the biome brochure research project that should be reviewed frequently! Also, I've included lots of good review sites, videos, and organizers on Edmodo to help your child prepare both during and after the school day.

ELA - We continue to use informational text features to help us be more "aware" readers. If you haven't already, please ask your child about the articles they are reading and responding to for homework. These integrate with science and include beautiful pictures that the kids really enjoy learning from!

V.I.D's (very important dates)

Thursday, September 20th - MAP'sELA (final fall test date)

Friday, September 28th - Field Trip (Schiele Museum) $11.00 per student

Tuesday, October 2nd - Pictures (information sent home today in Wednesday Folder!)

Wednesday, October 10 - Late Start

November 7th - Fourth Grade Swimming Begins (more to come on this later).

Wednesday, November 14th - Late Start

Wednesday, February 6th - Late Start

Friday, February 8th - Field Trip (Classic Play Production - Charlotte, NC)

Wednesday, March 13th - Late Start

Wednesday, April 24th - Late Start