questions about my life

sarai gonzalez

What do you hope to accomplish during high school? to learn math and pass high school.

What do you see doing after high school? maybe going to collage or just getting famous

What do you hope your life will be like in your 20? a healthy life style having fun.

3 things you could do to improve your health. one is to eat healthy, exercise more and be happy and positive.

At home i like to do. watch movies and eat, sleep and sometimes play basketball.

At school i like to do. is talk with my friends and i like English.

People i like to hang out with. well trusting people ,people that i can truest and say things to without them judging me and kinda being like me. Nice people

I am good at. English and basketball and am a really athletic and flexible i really like running and being fit.

A quality i like about myself and one thing i would like to change. i like my body and my personality and my smile. And how am flexible. i would like to change my back talk.

Some thing new i would like to try. New foods and sky diving also acting.

what do you feel like are positive and negative on your health today? that i eat healthy some times and negative i don't exercise as much