Cristiano Ronaldo

By leslye fuerte

Cristiano Ronaldo birth

Cristiano Ronaldo was born February 5,1985 in funchal Madeira Portugal. He lived with his mom, dad and brothers. He spend more time with his mother than his dad. He didn't spend time with his dad because his dad drank a lot and he would never be at his house until night .
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life about ronaldo

Ronaldo grew up in a working family. in his neighborhood there was a class for school for kids. he lived in a small house tiny roofed and he could see the ocean .He is farther and grandpa drank a lot that was hard for him to go on in his life. his dad died years later in 2005 because kidney problems.


Cristiano Ronaldo is married to Irina Shayk. He got married in 2010. There ceremony was Zurich switzer land and it was on Monday . They got separated five years later because Irina refused to go to Ronaldo mum 60th party.the other thing that went wrong on there ship was that Ronaldo wouldn't spent time with her and son.
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cristiano Ronaldo JR

Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk have a kid name cristiano Ronaldo JR. He was born in June 17,2010. Cristiano Ronaldo junior was born in the united states in sandiego. The kid spends most of the time with his dad and mom. Ronaldo pick up his kid from school every day. He lives with his mom now but he gets to spend time with his dad.
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he got started in soccer

Cristiano Ronaldo was recognize at a age of 10 years old by phenomenon.He just wanted to play soccer all the time. When ronaldo was suppose to do homework he escape from his window to play outside. When he was a teen he had a talent that had been growing.when he was older like 16 years old he performed in the Manchester united with foot and skills.they payed him more than 12 million euros.


Ronaldo is a positive person. He is a positive person because he gives positive comments and complements.He also do positive things and show positive things like give positive word to other people.

effect in people

Ronaldo effect in messi is that he doesn't like him but he doesn't go telling other people. he doesn't like messi cause he is trying to compete for the ballon d'or but but ronaldo doesn't want to compete against him. e wants to win them by trying not by copeteing.

cristiano ronaldo

the thing that change his life is that he didn't have money and to much problems because his parents would get mad at each other.the other thing that changed his life is that he got famous by playing soccer. he was payed a lot of money like more than 12 million euros. Ronaldo defeated his obstacles like when he was little and he didn't had money for him to buy things. once he was payed he help his mother with in his house thing. i choose because he was poor and did have money and didn't have enough food to eat.


ronaldo is a talented person, is also a good soccer player.he is famous he gets a lot of money for playing . he is a star a tall person he also got 4 d'or balls because he have good skills and plays good. he is special because he play soccer and famous . he is interesting because he has a family and also plays soccer. something new is that he is married and have A baby.
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