Your computer's parts

a list of all parts and software and why they are there

what the computer will need

This computer will need a 3D modeling software, at least 4GB of ram, at least a dual core processor and a application to download songs. you need 3D modeling software for mechanical engineering. you need 4 GB of ram for the 3D modeling software and whatever else your running. you need a dual core processor to prevent frame drops when you're using CPU intensive software. you need an application to download songs because you like to listen to music. that is all you will need to fulfill you're needs


The purpose of the CPU is to basically do what you ask it to. The CPU i used was the Intel Xeon E3-1275 3.4 ghz Quad-core processor. I chose this model because of its fairly fast processing speed and i chose a quad-core CPU so you wont get lag while playing music or movie while you do homework on the 3D modeling software. I had it shipped by TigerDirect Canada. It costed $401.84 including shipping but not including tax

The CPU Cooler

The Cooler is meant to cool the CPU. the cooler i chose to replace the one that comes with the CPU is the akasa venom medusa 83.6 cfm CPU cooler. I chose this cooler because the one that comes with the CPU is usually not as good and this one can be used if you decide to upgrade your CPU for any reason and it keeps the CPU much cooler. I got it from Amazon Canada. It cost $162.90.

The Motherboard

The motherboard is a large circuit with ports to connect all the individual parts. The motherboard i chose was the ASRock B75 Pro3-M Micro ATX LGA1155 motherboard. I chose this because it was relatively inexpencive and allows for 4 sticks of ram and allows for a total of 32GB so if you decide you need more ram than the 8GB that i got for the computer you can upgrade to your hearts content. I bought this from Newegg Canada. It cost $99.98 including shipping but not tax.

The Ram

Ram stands for random access memory and it allows to be taken in and out of memory quickly so they can be run faster. The Ram i chose for you're computer is two sticks of A-Data Premier Series 4GB DDR3-1333 memory. I chose two of this memory stick so that in normal day to day usage you wont run out of memory, the reason i chose these specific ram sticks is because they have lower latency so information moves from and to the Ram faster and i also chose them because they have 4GB each. I bought these from Vuugo. The price is $89.90 for both.

The Hard Drive

The hard dive is where you store information that you want to keep even after your computer turns off. I chose the Seagate Barracuda 1TB 3.5 7200 RPM internal hard drive. I chose this hard drive because it is inexpensive and it has a fast rpm which means it can be used faster. I got this hard drive from Canada computers. It cost $54.99.

Video Card

Video cards are used to render 3D graphics faster. I chose the Asus GeForce GT 630 2GB Video card. I chose this because of the 30 dollar mail in rebate, large memory and fast core clock. I bought it at It cost $34.99 after the rebate.

The Case And Power Supply

The purpose of the case is to house all the components and make the computer look good. The power supply is what converts the power from the wall into useable power for the components. The case i chose was the Logisys CS206BK ATX Mid tower case w/ 480w power supply. I chose this because it was really inexpensive and it came with a 480w power supply which is a little more than what the computer currently needs just in case you want to upgrade there will be enough power. I got this at Direct Canada. The price was $31.73.

The Optical Drive

The purpose of the optical drive is to read and write CDs and DVDs. The optical drive i chose was the Lite-On iHas124-14 DVD/CD Writer. I chose this optical drive because it was inexpensive and fairly fast. I bought this from Canada computers. It cost $16.99.

The Monitor

The purpose of the monitor is to show what the computer counts as an output. I chose the LG 22M35D 60Hz 22.0 monitor. I chose this because it is inexpensive, it has a high native resolution and it has the standard wide screen aspect ratio of 16:9 so any movies shot in that aspect ratio wont be distorted or have black bars. I got it from It costed $109.99.

The Dound Card

The purpose of the sound card is to make sounds clearer and remove background noise from the computer. The sound card i chose was the Asus Xonar DG 24-bit 96 KHz sound card. I chose this because it has 5.1 channels so its surround sound, it also has a high snr so there is less background noise and it also is 24 bit so it allows all sounds in the human hearing range and a little more. I got this from MemoryExpress. It cost $19.99 including the mail in rebate but not taxes

The keyboard

The purpose of the keyboard is to allow the user to imput letters, numbers or movement. The keyboard i chose was the Cobra Polygon Wired Gaming Keyboard. I chose this keyboard because the letters were laser printed on so they wont rub off, it has an adjustable stand for comfort and it has drainage holes in the bottom to drain and it is waterproof. I got it from Direct Canada. It cost $12.11.

The Mouse

The purpose of the mouse is to allow the user to imput movement and clicks. The mouse i chose was the A4 Tech XL-747H Wired Laser mouse. The reason i chose this mouse is because it has a comfortable design so you can use it for a long time without it hurting your wrist, it uses a laser to detect movement so it is very accurate and it is fairly inexpensive. I got it from Amazon Canada. It cost $39.21 with shipping but not including tax.

The speakers

The Purpose of speakers is to make sounds. The speakers i chose are Creative Labs A60 4W 2ch speakers. I chose this because they are inexpensive and good quality. I got it from Vuugo. It cost $18.00.

Windows 7 Home Premium sp1 OEM 64-bit

Windows 7 is used to open applications and other software. This is a systems software. The reason i chose windows 7 premium over all other operating systems is because windows is really easy to use and it doesn't take long to get to anything, the reason i chose windows 7 over all other windows is because all later versions are unsupported so you cant get tech support for them and windows 8 is more complex than windows 7. I got it from Direct Canada. It cost $104.94.

Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Onenote

Microsoft word is a application that can open and display word documents, Excel is a spread sheet application that allows you to create graphs charts and other informational documents, Powerpoint is an application that allows you to create a presentation and one note is an application that allows you to take notes and upload them to the cloud so you can use it on multiple devices. These are application type software. I chose these because these are the most up to date software of their kind on windows 7. I got it from It cost $139.00.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome allows you to surf the internet. This is an application. I chose Google Chrome because it surfs the internet the fastest. I got it from It was free.

Bit Defender Total Security 2015

This software stops you from going on websites with malware on them and it scans your computer to see if there is a virus on it. This is an application. I chose this because it is the antivirus software with the most features like anti theft and safe online storage. I got it from It cost 89.95.


This is a 3D modeling software. This is application type of software. I got this because it is free and a good 3D modeling software. I got it from It was free

I Tunes

I Tunes is a place where you can buy movies and music. This is a application. I chose this application because you said you like movies and music. I got it from It was free.

Total costs

sub-total: $1414.4

taxes: $183.87

total: $1598.27

Additional Information

I stayed under budget, i did this by first buying the CPU i thought was right for you then looking at the parts that could go with it and finding the best ones for the least amount. I managed to save $251.73 while getting really good components while this guy spent almost a dollar over with nearly the same components. One of the greatest advantages to building your own computer is that you can customize it to what you need so if you want a pc that is really fast but you dont play games you can make a pc without a expensive graphics card so you can spend more on the CPU or RAM. The main advantage to buying a pre assembled pc is that you don't have to know anything about computers hardware so you don't have to worry about how it will fit together or if the CPU will melt or any hardware issues.


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