Intelligence & Expert systems

What is Artificial Intelligence and Expert systems?

About Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems

Expert systems are systems that use human knowledge to solve problems that normally would need human intelligence. Expert systems represent the knowledge as data or rules within the computer and this is important because these are the rules that will be used when problems need to be solved. Expert systems are made up of 3 different parts, a user interface, a knowledge base and an inference engine. The user interface This is the system that allows a none-expert to question the expert system, and to receive advice. The user-interface is designed to be as simple as possible use. The knowledge base part of the system is to This is a collection of facts and rules The knowledge base is made from data provided by the human experts. The inference engine acts as a search engine by checking the knowledge base of data that has the same match that the user is looking for. Artificial intelligence is just computers that are built so that they are able to perform tasks that would normally need a human to happen, this could be things such as decision making and language translation.