DC Staff Update

9 November 2014

I'm grateful this week for...

The privilege of having Adrian as one of the workshop leaders here in Beijing over the past 5 days. It is not often I get the opportunity to see colleagues in action from the perspective of a participant, and can tell you that I enjoyed every minute of it.

Positive Psychology CPD

The feedback from the CPD days has been emailed to everyone. It was pleasing to see the learning that people had over the 2 days. In reviewing the individual comments, it was clear that Frances's presentation style and pace did not sit well with everyone. What was equally apparent was the excellent work done by Tracey and Evonne, especially over the sessions on Saturday.


Staff Christmas Party

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This week

This weeks brings Maths Week, the House Basketball Competition and secondary 3-way conferences. Don't forget the November Birthday Morning Tea on Wednesday morning.
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