Scientific Revolution

By: Symone McMullen


Fly me to the moon. Let me play among the stars. Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars in other words, darling, teach me the ways of our universe.

Let me tell you a story of our connection to this planet from Mercury to the unknowns of Pluto. Let me, Let me but to see the glory of our solar system we've got to start with the few who made us see the marvelous views.

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( The Order of the planets from the sun)

What is the Scientific Revolution?

The Scientific revolution happen during the early 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries.

It is...

  • A new view of nature emerged, replacing the Greek view of the Geocentric Theory ( The Theory of the earth being the center of the solar system)

  • The new way of thinking about the Natural World

What was the change?

Before people took to the church for answers on earth and anything else. When given information on any subject they would never argue.

Now Philosophers such as Issac Newton, Galileo Galilei, Nicolaus Copernicus, and Johannes Kepler who are disagreeing with the church and their "ideas" so they get in trouble or punk- out of spreading their knowledge.

Since people were hearing all the theories they aren't agreeing with the church views or ideals. Now people are finally going against the church ideals and trying to find them self to see what else the church is wrong about.

Who associated with the change?

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Picture of Johannes Kepler and his theory

Mr. Kepler was apart of our Scientific Theory he played a very small part yet still important nevertheless. Tycho Braches' Assistant, he was an intelligent mathematician who studies his boss information. Who soon came to a conclusion that, " Yes the planetary system is based into an Heliocentric theory (sun being the center of our solar system) but revolves in a elliptical orbits instead of circles." He help prove that Copernicus original concept is true. Plus the fact that the Theory of Solar System is also based on math not only science.

How did the change impact society at the time?

People stop trusting the church and people begun to explore. The Church lost it's clarity stamp of the truth. The Church soon punished those who turn away from the church with Excommunication, House arrest or sign to the public they are wrong. The Church soon took second looks on Philosophers work and soon after many years stated that they were wrong. The Church took years to admit fault but soon came around cause they were losing followers.

How is that change evidenced in today's modern society?

There's more freedom in education. The Church is a choice of religion not order of command. The Heliocentric theory was finally improved by many scientist of our time with more numbers and formulas. As well now a days people are more open to the idea of knowledge such as for example when scientists come up with a new theory or idea there is no barrier of judgment to be clear by. Now a days people are more open to ideas of a objects with an purpose that's why we live. Unlike before people stuck to their values and what they knew and never went beyond the words of church officials.

Poem on the Universe

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