Art Class with Mrs. Katona

2nd Grade Pastel Lions

In second grade we learned some interesting facts about lions before we drew them. We learned that even though the lion is called “King of the Jungle”, lions don’t actually “live” in the jungle. They live on grassy plains. Their fur acts as a camouflage in the long grasses.

We learned that lions are part of the cat family. Tigers are the largest cats and lions are the second largest. Lions are the only cats that have manes. Only the males have manes and typically the darker the mane the stronger the lion. A male lion stands about 4 feet high and weighs about 420 pounds and can run 40 miles per hour. All lions have a long tail with a black tip like a paintbrush. The tail is used for balance when a lion is running.

We also learned that both male and females roar, but males do it more often. Cubs climb trees but adult lions don’t and that lions hunt in pairs or groups because it can catch its prey in 1-3 tries whereas alone it would take 6 tries before it could eat its dinner.

Going on Lion Hunt