Becoming A Doctor (20% Time)

Goal: My Goal was to explore my interest and passion!

What I wanted to learn about:

In my plan I was planning to learn how to become a doctor in the future. I learned the requirements and difficult and more. By doing this project, it helped me be more inspired each and every day.

What I did:

I researched about universities, got log on to a great website called http://Public.Careercruising.Com/En/. After that I emailed a student named Mark in Medical School, he helped me a lot I asked him questions like what are some requirements and he gave me tons of different information and feedback.

Marks Response

After Reading Marks response I was like waaaa, There so much I need to go through. First you have to have a university degree, Don't even beg if you want to become a doctor you need to have one. Before you apply to become a doctor you need to go to medical school for 4 years.

Here some information I was shocked to hear:

The minimum you have to do is a degree (usually 4 years) followed by a medical degree (4 years). So basically that means at least 8 years of university after high school. After university you have to do training like any other person. This can take anywhere from 2-7 years depending on what you want to do.

After Reading Marks Response

After reading Marks Responses I understand that I need to get working and think of universities I want to go to. So I went to career cruising and found a few good schools in Ontario.

McMaster University

University of Toronto

University of Waterloo

York University


After looking and looking at the universities I said, "I can't go to all of them so why don't I narrow them down". I narrowed down my results to McMaster and University of Toronto from all four. I choose these because they have good records.
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