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Week of September 21-25

Letter from the Principal

Dear Sehome Community,

As we wrap up our first real week of school, I wanted to take some time to thank each of you for all of your work to support your children at home during this time. We are so thankful to partner with you. We continue to learn more each week about remote learning and are getting better and better at navigating the technology and providing new learning opportunities for students.

Below you will see some clarification and additional details about what learning looks like on Wednesdays and expectations for students during the asynchronous work time after Anchor.

Please reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns that come up for you or your child.

With deep gratitude,

Sonia Cole



  • Students are expected to attend their Anchor class daily, including Wednesdays, from 8:30 - 8:50.
  • During Anchor on Wednesdays, students will review their assignments for the day by going to each of the 4 classes' Teams pages.
  • Throughout the remainder of the day Wednesday, students should be working to complete the assignments given by their teacher. This is still a school day and there will be assigned work to complete in every class.
  • Students should expect to spend about 80 minutes per period on assigned work. Similar to any other day's classload.
  • Attendance for Wednesdays is taken during Anchor and all 4 class periods.
  • Students are considered present for their classes on Wednesday when they engage with the assigned teacher-directed work.
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Senior Yearbook

Hi seniors and senior parents!

Now is the time to submit your senior quote and photos! You can do that here:

Make sure to get them in by October 30th

Parents! We are taking Parent Ad order forms online; you can submit them in this form.

The early bird discount deadline is: December 4th

Guaranteed proof: January 22nd

The late fee deadline: February 19th

Thank you,

Yearbook staff

School Office

We anticipate that the main office will remain closed to visitors for the foreseeable future.

There will be a staff member answering phone calls every day from 7:30 am - 4 pm daily.

If you have questions, please call the main office (360-676-6481) and press #5 to be transferred to the Administrative Assistant on duty.

Thank you!

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Since we cannot do a traditional Open House this school year, we will be doing a Family Night Webinar instead. We will be sending out additional information and a link to the Zoom meeting next week.

Master Mariner of the Week

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Textbook/ Computer/ Supply Pick Up Appointments

If you were unable to attend one of the supply pick-up sessions last week, please contact the staff member below for an appointment available weekdays from 1:30 - 3:00.

Textbooks or Computers:


FOOD SERVICE UPDATE. Free meals continue for all students!

Every Wednesday, free meal boxes will be distributed from 4 to 5:30 p.m. at 15 school locations and six community locations.

The school locations are as follows:
Alderwood Elementary School, 3400 Hollywood Avenue
Birchwood Elementary School, 3200 Pinewood Avenue
Carl Cozier Elementary School, 1330 Lincoln Street
Cordata Elementary School, 4420 Aldrich Road
Geneva Elementary School, 1401 Geneva Street.
Happy Valley Elementary School, 1041 24th Street
Northern Heights Elementary School, 4000 Magrath Road
Roosevelt Elementary School
, 2900 Yew Street
Wade King Elementary School, 2155 Yew Street Road
Fairhaven Middle School, 110 Park Ridge Road
Kulshan Middle School, 1250 Kenoyer Drive
Shuksan Middle School, 2717 Alderwood Avenue
Whatcom Middle School,
810 Halleck Street
Bellingham High School, 2020 Cornwall Avenue
Sehome High School, 2700 Bill McDonald Parkway

The six community locations are:

Evergreen Ridge Apartment Complex, 3451 Woburn Street;
Regency Park Apartment Complex, 2050 Fraser St.;
Sterling Meadows Apartment Complex, 512 Sterling Drive;
Sudden Valley Community Center, 8 Barn View Drive;
Villa Santa Fe Apartment Complex, 804 West Bakerview Road; and
Bakerview Mobile Park, 4015 Eliza Avenue

Senior Message

Hello Senior Families,

We know this is an unusual start to your senior’s year and we want you to know we are here for you and your student!

Starting September 21st and running through October, counselors will meet one on one with each senior for individual appointments through Zoom or by phone. Family members are always welcome to join in on this meeting if your senior approves. 😉

Kendra Simpson, our administrative assistant, will help coordinate these during afternoon learning time over the upcoming weeks. In these meetings, we will review graduation requirements, check-in on the start of the year, and talk about your child’s post-high school plans so we can develop action steps and provide resources.

Next Wednesday, Sept. 16th from 11am-noon, counselors will be available for drop-in questions about college applications and senior questions. The Zoom link is on our Counseling webpage. If this is helpful for students, we will run it weekly through the fall.

We have updated our SHS Counseling website and created a page for seniors: Class of 2021 We hope this is helpful and provides answers to some commonly asked questions this time of year. Again, we are here for you and your senior. Please reach out with questions, concerns, or to share celebrations!

Amy Hjelt, Hana Schutz, and John VanderMolen

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Technology Assistance

Please complete the form below for assistance with your device.

Dear SHS Families and Friends

Welcome to the ’20 -’21 school year! We hope everyone is getting settled in to remote learning. What a strange and historic time we are living through!

Speaking of history, the oldest of all non-profit child advocacy organizations in the USA – the National PTA – has been around for over 120 years! At the National and State levels, the PTA lobbies our government representatives on issues to improve the education, health and the well-being of our children and families. You can learn more about the remarkable history of the PTA in this 2 minute 43 seconds video.

On the local level, here is what we do:

We represent our families and serve as a channel of communication between them and school administration. We have Principal Sonia Cole’s and Superintendent Greg Baker’s ear, and we are not shy about using our voices. SHS PTSA is here for the kids! We have no other agenda.

We raise money for items not covered by the district budget. Do you know that we funded over $80,000 in support for our school last year? SHS PTSA provided assistance for teacher grants/staff development, athletic, music and drama programs, trail development, field trips, snacks and more!

We show up to help. Did you see us behind those masks, handing out books and supplies at supply pickup? We had a blast!

Meet your PTSA Board here.

Now more than ever, we need strength in numbers. Anyone can join- friends, relatives, co-workers. You don’t need to be a parent to be a PTSA member. It’s so easy.

Click here for our online membership sign up.

Sehome PTSA. Here for our Teens.

Multi-Language Message Line

Families whose first language is not English can leave a message on our multi-language message line at 360-647-6816. Families dial 2 for Russian, dial 3 for Vietnamese, dial 4 for Punjabi or dial 5 for any other language (say name of language at beginning of message). Please call 360-676-6456 for Spanish.

Sehome Points of Contact

Sonia Bell, Principal:

Mike Couto, Assistant Principal: A - K

Bethany Barrett, Assistant Principal: L - Z

Kimberly Kirk, Dean of Students:

Jeff Smith, Counselor 9th Grade:

Amy Hjelt, Counselor A - G:

Hana Schutz, Counselor H - M:

John Vandermolen, Counselor N - Z: