Important Nurse Updates

Immunizations, BMI, Scoliosis, Vision and Hearing

Get out your Calendar!

Below are some important dates to mark regarding upcoming events involving nurses. The plan is for 2 nurses to help one another during screenings. On those days that your nurse is screening, please be very selective on what you send to her for "medical emergencies." Please only send things that can not be done by office personnel to them so they can get through screenings quicker and back in their offices. Our plan is to structure the schedules so they are back in their offices for maintenance medications, but other times will be screening and allow office personnel to help with general health concerns (ice packs, etc.).

Hearing and Vision

LPS: September 22-23

LES/LMS: September 24th and 25th


Grades 4, 6, 8, and 10: October 1

LPS: October 5 and 6


6th grade girls and 8th grade girls and boys: April 13