Reform! Reform! Reform!

By: Denzel Roseboro ::America is changing


Reforming the American Society. The Second Great Awakening spread Christianly through meetings. Christians and other religions became interprets for the reforming of the society.

Reformers of the 19th Century

You should join my campaign because Society is making a change. Horace Mann wants a better education for the kids and students. Parents want the same thing as well. Women are getting beat because their husbands are drinking alcohol and this can lead to poverty and families break ups. Dorothea Dix wants to separate prisoners from mental people with problems.

Women's RIghts

1800s women wanted to become more educated. So Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucreta Mott stated that "Men and Women are equal", and this lead to Women's Right Convention in Seneca Fall, NY. As you will see below Elizabeth(1st) and Lucreta(2nd)
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William Lloyd Garrison

In the 1820s, a white radical leader named WIlliam Lloyd Garrison. He started the Abolitionist Movement. This movement was to free slaves and one of his main quotes was "Immediately Emancipation, which means he wanted slaves freed immediately.
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Frederick Douglass

As a young boy, Frederick Douglass experienced slavery. He was abolitionist leader and he freed slaves. He escaped from slavery and began a newspaper called "North Star". He named it the North Star because this was the star that guided him.
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Nat Turner

In the South, slaves were everywhere. A virginian slave named Nat Turner decided to rebelled against slavery. He led 50 followers in a revolt killing 60 whites. He was eventually caught and was executed.