Ms. Martinez's 3rd grade class!

Think and Wonder, Wonder and Think! - Dr. Seuss

About me

Hi, my name is Jessica Martinez. I am a University of Houston graduate with a bachelor of science degree in education with a certification in teaching and learning bilingual EC-6. I know kids like hands on, and creative activities and doing that make it a lot easier for them to learn. I like including this in my classroom in different ways, for example, singing, arts and crafts, or experiments. I love teaching third grade science because at this age they love to learn and they find science an interesting subject, especially because of all the experiments.

Edheads-Simple and Complex Machines

We are working on Force and Motion. Right now we are learning about simple and compound machines. To make this lesson a little more fun I am giving the students time on the computer to work on an activity. I would like for you to help me make sure your kids are working on this at home too just so they get a little more practice.

To play “Simple Machines” all they have to do is click on one of the rooms in “The House”. They will then have to identify the different simple machines in the room. They will be asked two questions per simple machine. There are 10 simple machines in each room. When they are done identifying each simple machine in each room they can then move on to “The Shed”, there they will be given four compound machines, they will chose one and they will be asked to identify each simple machine in the compound machine. Each simple machine will have a question to be answered. They will have to do this for all four compound machines. This game collects points and in the end they can print out a certificate. *This certificate does not need to be printed out. This activity can be found here.

Newton Car Experiment

The class conducted an experiment dealing with Newton's second law of motion. The objective of this experiment was to investigate the relationship between mass, acceleration, and forces described in Newtons second law of motion. The kids had a wooden car with rubber bands to change the mass. The car was rested on straws then propelled in the opposite direction. It was done 3 times, each time with a different number of rubber bands, which will toss the mass. The students then measured the distance the car traveled each time. This was a really fun activity for the kids because they really enjoy conducting experiments and doing hands-on activities. It also teaches more than force and motion, it also gives them a chance to practice measuring, and it gives them a chance to interact with the other kids which is good because they help and learn from each other.

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  • As you know progress reports will be going out next week. I plan on setting up parent-teacher conferences so we can discuss you child's strengths and weaknesses. I will send an email to let you know what dates and times are available for you to come. I will make a schedule to make sure everyone has an opportunity to see me and talk. Please make sure to sign the report card and return it by the next day they come to school.
  • Don't forget next week (Friday, October 23, 2015) the 3rd grade science department will be going out on a field trip as a school to the Houston Zoo. We have already sent out the permission slips, and they are due by this Friday (October 16, 2015). If you would like to chaperone don't hesitate to contact me.
  • Please make sure to check, every night, if your child has homework.

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Other Departments' News

The language department will be having a spelling bee contest next month (date of competition not yet specified), and they have provided the words that they will be using. If your child is interested in participating please make sure to make time to sit down with them to study these words. Image Link.

  • key
  • tooth
  • bike
  • clock
  • body
  • eyes
  • chair
  • suit
  • pants
  • kitchen
  • queen
  • king
  • funny
  • laugh
  • shoes
  • gift
  • balloon
  • today
  • dinner
  • crayon

Contact Information

You can contact the school if you have any questions.

Phone: (206) 555-2947


Address: 1234 Wheel St. Houston TX 77000

My contact information is below, if you have any questions about what's going on in my class please call or email me. Don't forget to call or email me to make an appointment to discuss your child's report card.

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