My Digital Media Class

By Austin Callahan

How I Feel About My Digital Media Class

I hate my digital media class. It is without a doubt the worst class I have ever been in. Every morning when I wake up I cry a little because I realize that I have to go to my Digital Media Class. On top of that I don't even have a teacher in the class. All Mr. Cullen ever does is have us read stupid tutorials that do not help us to understand anything. When ever I need help he will usually say that I should "read the tutorials" even though they do not help. If that is the teaching that is expected South Davidson should just hire a monkey to teach the class. Another thing that I hate about my class is the fact that we are suppose to turn our work in with Gaggle. Gaggle is not making it easier to turn in work. It is only making it easier for teachers to be lazy. With Gaggle teachers can just sit in their chairs and wait for a message or notification that a student has turned in their assignment. What ever happened to printing out our work and turning it in? Do we not have the money to do that but do have the money to blow on pointless Ipads?

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