Kepler 16b

The Planet that Orbits Two Stars

Earth 2.0?

Kepler 16b is planet that may be a place where humans can live. Kepler 16b has a few issues though, it would be too cold and we do not know if there is water there. Getting to a planet that is 200 light years away, would also be very difficult. At this time, We would not be able to reach Kepler 16b in our lifetimes.

What Makes Kepler 16b Special?

Kepler 16b is named after the planet Tatooine, from Star Wars. In Star Wars, Tatooine orbits two stars. There is a scene where you can see the two suns set. For this reason, this planet's common name is Tatooine. Kepler 16b is the first circumbinary planet, meaning that the planet orbits two stars. A common misconception is that Kepler 16B and Kepler 16b are the same planet. Kepler 16b is the planet and Kepler 16A and Kepler 16B are the stars.

Some Issues

Other Information

Mass: 6.27123x10^23 Kg

Radius: 54214.1645 Km

Average Distance From Sun: 104 Million Km

Orbital Period: 229 Earth Days

Number of Moons: We know that there are moons, but the exact amount is unknown.

Distance from Earth: 200 Light Years.

Acceleration Due to Gravity: 14.23m/s^2