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Creative Writing--Theory of Knowledge--American Literature

Welcome to the 2013-2014 School Year!

A few words about myself...

I have been teaching in some capacity or another at Prosser Career Academy for ten years, and in that time I've taught Survey Literature, Reading & Writing Workshop, American Literature, British Literature, World Literature, Theater Arts, Theory of Knowledge and Creative Writing. I have been Chair of the English Department at Prosser since 2007. My Bachelor's degree is in English Literature and I have a Master's in Secondary English Education and another in Educational Leadership; in addition, I've done professional development with Steppenwolf Theatre, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Terra Foundation for American Art, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Teacher's as Writers and Teachers as Scholars through Newberry Library. In 2008, I was awarded Most Valuable Teacher from Chicago Shakespeare Theater and also received the Inspire the Future Award from Steppenwolf. In 2013, I was named a Golden Apple Teacher of Distinction.


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Parents should always feel free to call Prosser (773-534-3200) to get in touch with me about any questions or concerns they might have; however, there are are some other ways to find out what's going on...

  1. Every student in my class is part of an Edmodo group online and every student who registers with Edmodo is assigned a parent code, so parents can join the group, too. Student can share this information with you and/or I have a list of parent codes, as well. Once a parent has registered with Edmodo, they have access to all the class groups to which their son or daughter belongs.
  2. I maintain a class blog to which I post about things that went well in each class every day. It can be found at
  3. I check my CPS email regularly. Feel free to get in touch with me about any questions, concerns or comments you might have about your son or daughter's progress. My email address is

Sandra Shimon

I will send out a newsletter at least once a quarter to share updates with you on major class projects and academic successes.

How Students Will Be Engaged Quarter 1

  1. Creative Writing students can expect to explore poetry--both professional poets and their own--over the next few weeks, eventually building a portfolio showcasing their ability to write in several different styles of poetry. Students will maintain a Writing Journal in which they experiment with word play and drafting and are required to share from that journal at least once a week in class.
  2. Theory of Knowledge students will spend first quarter committing to a subject area and then developing a topic and research question around which they can write an Extended Essay--a 4000 word independent research project that is necessary to complete in order to achieve the IB diploma.
  3. American Literature students will first explore the experience of indigenous people by reading a nonfiction text about The Cherokee Nation & The Trail of Tears and then will read The Scarlet Letter, a work of fiction by Nathaniel Hawthorne set in Massachusetts in the 17th century.