This Week in the Library

February 29-March 4, 2016

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Thinking Outside the Building: Rick Porter

Rick Porter, the library's Media Center Specialist, won the BYU College of Fine Arts and Communications 3 Minute Thesis competition last week. His presentation on The Death of Photojournalism as a Profession was well received. He moves on to the University wide competition on March 10,

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The Library in Social Media

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Building History: Library Signs

When the library addition was in the planning stages, there was a Library Signage task Force chaired by a subject librarian. Much of their report was connected to a proposal (at that time) that the floors be color coded with office chairs and signs on each floor having a distinctive color. Ultimately the floor color coding idea was discarded (but for years you would still see random purple or red chairs around because some of those purchases had already occurred as areas in the old building were remodeled).

By the time the addition was nearing completion, it was decided to turn signs over to Mark Wilson, one of the three main architects from FFKR He designed the size, font, color scheme, etc. of the hanging signs, room number signs, directional signs, etc.

Maintaining the signs has proven to be a challenge as the sign shop supplied signs with a variety of fonts over the years. Recently the sign shop moved and we now have a very good relationship with them. All the new signs since the move have had the correct font and we have replaced a series of signs that had text in unusual sizes. Sign text and locations are approved by the communications office and the physical signs are ordered with the help of receiving.

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Library NewsNotes is Back!

Many of us have missed Library NewsNotes. We're happy to announce it is back.

The old mailing list is pretty rough so it may take a while for past subscribers to find their way back. Feel free to share this link to the latest edition with anyone you think would be interested.

Link of the Week: Smaller budget means fewer choices at university libraries