The Wolverine State


Michigan is an incredible state with lots of things to learn about. Some things you'll learn about are the resources, some landforms, the interesting location, some fun places to visit and a few state facts. I'm hoping to go to the Wolverine state sometime soon.


Michigan has many natural resources including some crops and manufactured goods. Some crops that Michiganders grow are tart cherries, pickles, cucumbers, corn, wheat and apples. Farmers also raise dairy cows and beef cattle. Some manufactured goods that Michigan is known for are automobiles, foods and chemicals. They are the leading automobile manufacture. Those are some of the natural resources Michigan has.


Michigan has a few interesting landforms in it. Here are some of them. There are hills, the upper peninsula, the lower peninsula, the Great lakes, rivers and lakeshores. A REALLY COOL fact about Michigan is it touches 4 out of 5 of the Great lakes. It touches Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron and Lake Erie. Michigan touches a lot of water but it does not touch the Mississippi River. I hope I can go to the Great Lake State sometime.


Michigan has an pretty cool location. Michigan is located in the Midwest region. Michigan touches Canada. It's great for tourism because there are the Great Lakes. At the Great Lakes you can skip rocks, look at the scenery, take pictures and more. I hope I can do that sometime.
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Fun Places To Visit

Michigan has many fun places to visit like The Huron River, The Dexter Cider Mill and the Sleeping Bear Dunes. The first one is The Huron River. Their you can can canoe, kayak and take tours down the Huron River. Another one is the Dexter Cider Mill. The Dexter Cider Mill is the oldest operating cider mill. The mill produces cider, fresh apples, caramel apples, donuts, strudel and turnovers. The last thing is Sleeping Bear Dunes National lake shore. Sleeping Bear Dunes is located on Lake Michigan's coastline. It is said to be the most beautiful natural area in Michigan's lower peninsula. The most popular thing there is the hike trail. The hike trail is three and a half miles, but you can stop and a swim. There are even beautiful flowers that can and do grow their in the sand. Those are three of Michigan's fun places to visit.

State Facts

Michigan has many fantastic facts like the population, state bird, state animal, state stone and state tree. This fabulous state has a huge population of over 9,000,000. That's a lot. Another fact about Michigan is the state bird. The state bird is the Robin. That is a common bird where i live. One of my favorite facts is the state animal. My state animal is the White Tailed Deer. That animal is pretty. I've seen it before in my own backyard. I think this is a really cool fact. I have a state stone and a state rock. The state stone is called a Chlorastrolite and my state rock is called a Petoskey. I think those are cool names. My last fact is the state tree. My state tree is called the White Pine. It's a pretty tall and skinny tree. The state bird, state animal, state stone and state tree are just a few of Michigan's fantastic facts.


Michigan is a wonderful place to visit. You just learned some resources, a few landforms, the location, three fun places to visit and lots of state facts. I hope you enjoyed it and learned some cool facts about Michigan.