new York

The Empire State........International trade is welcome.

Today it is called Wall Street, it represents the World market.

From its earliest years, New Amsterdam was an urban village in a global economy, home to immigrants and natives all buying and selling in a global market.

The Original New Amsterdam was home to a variety of crafts- and tradespeople.

Our new colony was part Dutch in New York city along the Hudson river. Our city New York at the time never had legislature to raise taxes, so the Governor followed the example of the English mercantilist policy. Revenue was collected from the taxes of the custom duties.
One of our Major streets called Broad street was a canal where ships used to dock to off load goods. some of the popular areas of New york like lower manhattan was an Urban village belonging to the Dutch and later the English. Our homes in Manhattan were models of Dutch home designs. Our port did not only entertained trade men but also painters, tailers, boarding house keepers and also pharmacist. In the year 1703, 40 percent of New yorkers were African slaves. Due to our business nature our dwelling became our homes and workshops. The influx of large amount of Indians and Africans in New York give a distictive "New World Character". The first surgeon that ever served us was German religiou refugee named Hans Kierstede. In 1664 his wife was a translator for the English and Indians. In the 20 century, when the archeologist discovered in the Kierstede's home a german wine glass, a piece of sword and hair curler for curly waves. Our city New york was first called New Amsterdam. Our culture is the mixtures of the Europeans, Indians and Africans. It is the cross roads of empire.
Research taken from Off the People