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November 2022


The quarterly DIP TIPS update will share requirements, templates, and best practices for the District and Campus Improvement Plans.

A Beautiful DIP

We can create a beautiful and compliant District Improvement Plan (DIP), but how is it used?

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How is Your District Improvement Plan Used?


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Research Says . . .

Written Goals Matter

Research has shown that you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if they are written down.

Accountability Matters

The research goes on to show that you are 76% more likely to achieve your goals if you write action commitments and share weekly progress reports.

How many goals can we focus on at once?

Is Anyone Navigating?

Once the District Improvement Plan (DIP) is completed and approved, is anyone using it to navigate the district's initiatives?

We can write a BEAUTIFUL and COMPLIANT plan, but WHY?

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STRATEGY #1: Use an Appendix

Staying Compliant

The purpose of the Appendix is to keep you compliant and to reduce the length of your District Improvement Plan.

NOTE* Templates are to be Customized!

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5 Pages of Statutory References

These are what I have found, SO FAR!

If you notice any new/additional ones, please email me and I will add them to this template!!

Thank you!!

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5 Steps to a Workable Process

5 Steps to a Workable Process

Step 1: Create a Professional Development Plan (PDP) highlighting the Prioritized Professional Development activities for the district.

Step 2: Update Program Plans listed in the Appendix to align with the priorities in the PDP.

Step 3: Included the Prioritized Professional Development from the PDP in the DIP.

Step 4: Include the Appendix at the end of the DIP.

Step 5: Complete the Plan on a Page (see details in next blog post).

STRATEGY #2: Use Plan on a Page

Laser Focused Initiatives

The purpose of Plan on a Page is to clarify and align your goals and performance objectives across the district.
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TIPS for Plan on a Page

  1. Goals are broad. Use the same goals for the district and campuses (or something very similar).
  2. Performance Objectives are measurable and should be written in the SMART goal format. Use the same objectives across the district if possible, but also customize them for the grade levels and data sources of the individual campuses.
  3. Priority strategies should directly support the Performance Objectives. Again, consistency across the district is the key but customize to the campuses as needed.
  4. Data to Monitor should be specific. Sources listed should generate specific, measurable data points.

Customize the Performance Objectives for Each Campus

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You Got This!

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