Warrior Press

Volume 3 Issue 3

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. ~Oprah Winfrey

Reminders For Teachers

  • Ms. Goss will begin her classes today. A list of the students that she will serve will be emailed to grade levels separately. In some cases, the students that you would like to be served by her may not have been selected. Ms. Coxton and I have reviewed the list and barring some unforeseen circumstances these are the students who she will work with. In some classes she is working with Academic Boosters. In other classes she is working with EIP students. Keep in mind students who are not in designated EIP classes will receive EIP services from you in their homeroom. Ms. Goss' students will not be severed during the entire reading and/or math block. There is no need to have them lined up in the hallway, at the door, nor call the office looking for Ms. Goss. She will pick the students up from your classroom when she is ready for them. Students should work with you and on any assignment that you have for the class until they leave or when they return.
  • SLO Assessments continue for K-3rd grade students as they attend Technology Classes this week. Due to today being the last day for Pre-SLOs in the content area some classes will be called to the Media Center to complete SLOs. Your flexibility is appreciated as we work together to complete this task. Please print a roster with student ID numbers prior to coming to the Lab to assist with this task. On the days that your class is being administered the SLO, you will need to stay with them as you are the test examiner and Ms. Daniels-Pye is the Proctor. Remember this will be a standardized test environment. Teachers do not send students to the Lab randomly if Ms. Daniels-Pye needs students for make-ups she will call for them or come and pick them up from class.
  • The Special Area teachers will begin working with your MTSS Tier 2, students during the first week of September. Please see attached specials schedule for details. You will need to have to probes or interventions prepared for them when they arrive.
  • It is very important that you take attendance daily and are marking students absent who are not in class when you take attendance. Please go back and change absences to tardies as applicable.

A Look Ahead

What's going on this week?

Monday, August 30th- Last Day for Pre-SLO for Content Areas
Tuesday, September 1st- 1st Day of Hispanic Heritage Month

Wednesday, September 2nd- ITBS/CoGAT Testing In-Service (Mandatory)

Thursday, September 3rd- Annual Title I Meeting/PTA Meeting/Curriculum Night @5:30am

Friday, September 4th- Happy Friday!

A Look at the Following Week

Tuesday, September 8th- Boys Scout Presentation @ 8:00am

(Scout Master will rotate to classrooms)

Wednesday, September 9th- Boy Scout Meeting at 6:00pm

End of the 4.5 week Grading Period

Thursday, September 11th- Grades Posted

August and September Birthdays


4th Aaron Price

15th Tiffany Clark

17th Connie Wheeler

22nd Karmilya Anderson

29th Shameeka Chandler


16th Tanyeka Broughton

18th Edgaranna Bardwell

24th Darcova Triplett

Cathy Zachery

25th Kevin Baldwin