Under the rule of Japan: Korea

By: Hanna Kim


Under the rule of Japan, Korean citizens were dehumanized. Korean newspapers were shut down, schools were taken over, and the study of the nations language and history was replaced with Japanese subjects. The rulers took land away from Korean farmers and gave it away instead to Japanese settlers. They encouraged Japanese business men to start industries in Korea, but forbade Koreans from going into business.

Looking more closely

The schools in Korea were taken over by the Japanese rulers. The history and language of Korea was replaced in the schools with Japanese subjects. The students in school were forced to speak Japanese in school and not Korean. Not only the students, but all the citizens of Korea were taken of them their Korean names and instead given Japanese names. This is an example of the horrifying dehumanization of the citizens of Korea. They were ripped off of them their identities and instead given a "new identity".

Why did Japan take over Korea?

There are many reasons why Japan may have taken control over Korea. Japan is an island and there are many natural disasters in the country. Korea, on the other hand, was a nice environment to live in and also had few natural disasters. Another reason why Japan may have took control was the fact that Korea was connected to China. If the Japanese took control over Korea, they would be able to use Korean peninsula as a bridge to expand their territory to the Chinese continent.
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Light in the midst of Darkness

Under the harsh Japanese rule, Korea was able to become a stronger united nation. They were able to develop a stronger sense of nationalism among the people. The times under Japanese rule did not die out the nation, but instead, developed the nation into a stronger, united nation.
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