B.E.A.R. Insider

Issue #2

Dear BEAR Clan,

Happy July. It is time for another update on BEAR. First thank you to the Chura family for hosting our picnic. Wonderful food, great friends, and most importantly no bodies were found the next day (thanks Jimmy). Please read through the newsletter below for information on upcoming events, links, and information on the progress of BEAR.

Pledge Please

I received a fee agreement letter from our attorneys for the first step in our journey. I added the letter to google drive, you can click HERE to view it. In order to become an organization we will need $1250.00 plus cost. As you can see we will be doing fundraisers to start gathering funds for this. I'm also asking members to pledge money to help raise the remainder of balance. I will NOT be collecting money at this time. I am simply asking for members to fill out the form below pledging how much money and the date you would be able to have the money together. This will be done anonymously. I will be the only member of BEAR to know how much money and who donated. I will NOT be sharing this information with anyone else in BEAR. Once we have the funds pledged and collected, I will sign the agreement and send the money for retaining fee. Thank you for all your contributions.

Pledge Form

Fireworks with Max Dragon Bear

Saturday, July 13th 2013 at 7pm

398 Fairview Road, Ronks, PA

Drinks and fireworks... What could possibly go wrong?

Super Secret Special Project

Saturday, July 27th 2013 at 1pm



Let the festivus begin! Please make sure to get off work July 28, 2013. You will need a day to recover...

Fantasy Football Draft Night

Friday, Aug. 23rd 2013 at 6pm

76 cartledge Lane, Millersville PA

A link will be sent out to you as soon as the website and rules have been determined.

Assignment Update

Thank you to those who are currently working on assignments. Those people and there assignments are listed below. Please let me know if you need

Fantasy Football

  • Andrew and Eric will be organizing the First Annual BEAR Clan Fantasy Football Draft. Once they have decided on a website to use and put together the rules they will be emailing out a link. Dave will be hosting the draft party. Date and more information to follow.

BEAR Clan Logo

  • Dave, Kelly, and Laura have been working on a large and small logo for BEAR. Below is a picture of what was created so far. Please talk to them if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Super Secret Project

  • I will be putting together more information on this. Email will follow as soon as location has been pinned down. No midgets have been contacted yet...
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First BEAR Clan Theme Song... (JK)

Classified feat. David Myles - Inner Ninja [Official Video]