nuclear energy and hydroelectric

chapter 5 lesson 3

where is nuclear energy and hydroelectric found?

Nuclear energy is found in uranium atoms when they are split. Hydroelectric energy is found from a river's kinetic energy.
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hydroelectric energy plant

how is nuclear energy and hydroelectric formed?

nuclear energy is formed by spliting uranium atoms. hydroelectric energy is formed by kinetic energy in moving water.
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Hydroelectric Power Plant Working Animation

how is nuclear energy and hydroelectric energy used?

nuclear energy is used for energy for nuclear reactors and hydroelectric used for hydroenergy wich is fromed in some dams.

cool facts and statistics for nuclear energy

20% energy

discovered in 1789

facts and statistics for hydroelectric energy

hydroelectric power is formed mainly in the west

most dams were not meant to form energy

alternative energy

a glass sphere that creates energy from the sun.
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glass ball that creates energy


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