Monday Memo

October 17, 2016

Essential Thought

When we know better we do better.




Spirit Day: Pajama Day

4:00pm: District Planning Meeting


Spirit Day: Twin Day

CPI Refresher Training(multi-purpose room):

AM (8:00-11:00): Sarah Ludens, Chet Ptasnik, Melissa Crawford, Rhonda Barber

PM:(11:45-2:45): Adam Powell, Kim Smith, Shayne Mishler

3:00pm: Staff Meeting: Agenda: Sensory Room/Link Crew: Shari Vigna, Technology: Casey Schaub, and School Culture: Rhonda and Staff

(If there is something you would like addressed please email me)


Spirit Day: Crazy Hair

3:00pm: Technology Meeting: Barber/Schaub/GISD/Graham


Spirit Day: Pink Out for Breast Cancer


Spirit Day: Red and Black(Feel free to wear jeans)


Upcoming Events and Reminders

  • October 26th: Early Release PLC Day

  • October 27th: School Improvement and PBIS Committee Meetings @ 3:00pm

  • November 4th: End of the first marking period

Hitting the Target in PLC's on October 26th

Checklist that should be completed by the END of the October 26th meeting:

  1. Create a Google Doc Folder and share with Me and Dr. Graham(if you have not already done so.) Everything you do in PLC's will be placed in your Google Doc Folder this school year.

  2. Complete the PLC Meeting Agenda and Minutes for your October Meeting

    1. Review the 6 PLC Process Questions and TAKE NOTES in the “actions” column. Emailed out to you and will be next week as well. You should refer to this at the beginning of each meeting and alter/add to your team actions as necessary.
    2. Complete group norms in a google doc

    3. Review selected priority standards and create a google doc with your finalized priority standards list and proficiency scales you have already created.

    4. Create a SMART goal for your group (one minimum)

    5. The Art PLC please make your own individual SMART goals. While you do not have a common SMART Goal you can work together to strengthen the Arts Department. Continue to work on a Unified Arts Night/Art and Soul as a group.

    6. Future work and If time allows:

      1. Begin to pace out your Priority Standards and vocabulary by 9 Week Marking Periods for the calendar year. ELA has completed this task for a calendar year and Math has the first 9 weeks complete. Those teams can review and tweak their pacing guides.

    Technology Update

    Data Projectors and Teacher Stations

    We are working through the building to complete the set up of your projector and teacher stations. It is a coordinated effort with our maintenance staff, our tech crew, and Weinstein Electric. We will be doing the next round soon: Grossi, Danek, Mayner, Swiegart, Powell, Ludens, Gilliam, Wade, Grandas/Lewis, and Vigna. We will be typically be working on Wednesdays as we have two tech staff available. If you need support with your new projector schedule a time with Casey to help give you support and instruction on how best to use the projector. Any questions please see me.


    About ninety percent of our students have Chromebooks to date. As the essential thought states: When we know better we do better. We have already learned the bus ride home is not the place for Chromebooks. In November's Advisory I will include lessons on Cyber Safety etc.

    Many of you have asked about students who cannot afford the Chromebooks. We are waiting until the end of next week to see where we stand(Friday). We have several families who have offered to help support other students who may need the help.

    Casey will be at our staff meeting Tuesday to answer any other questions you may have.

    Thank you for sharing your stories of student engagement and how well they are working!

    Kuehn-Haven Happenings

    Check Out the Wounded Warrior Walk video!

    Did You Know?

    • Every Tuesday we now have student nurses from the University of Michigan-Flint. Erin Ebner is an RN and Wayde Erhardt is in progress towards his RN. Stop in and say hello.
    • We have a Link Crew: A group of students working with Shari Vigna and Amy Fox to help students with special needs in our school. They create a "link" to fit in and be a part of our school.
    • We have a Sensory Room for our students who need to calm down or get their energy up. Parapros and Shari Vigna have been trained with Allison Emmerling a Occupational Therapist at the GISD. Shari will present on this at our next staff meeting.

    Kudos and Thank Yous

    • Hannah Wade and Diane Ruddy for taking on over 30 Blueberry Ambassadors this year.
    • Shari Vigna and Amy Fox for working with our Link Crew.
    • Vicki Podulka who needs a teller booth for all the cash she counts each day!
    • Bryan Moody and Kelly Splear for their flexibility!
    • Lisa Wanink for learning while flying the plane!
    • Casey Schaub and Ron from the GISD for rolling out our Chromebooks and keeping an eye on our WiFi.
    • Our Parapros: Kim, Melissa, Marie, Dana, and Tammy for all their patience and guidance with our most needy.
    • Chrissy Emmendorfer and Jeana Brokoff for heading our "Sunshine" Committee or Flower and Gift Fund. ($25.00 due on Oct. 21st)

    Devolson is Here! The Deep Dark Vortex of Late September, October, and November

    Remember last year we learned about Devolson. In Dr. Graham's PLC presentation he also alerted us to the downward slide of October and November. With knowledge comes power! How are you going to keep your MOJO going, take care of yourself, and help to support your teammates during this "known" vortex? The author below has five tips. Take a Look:

    5 Ways of Coping With DEVOLSON: The Dark, Evil Vortex of Late September, October and November

    by Love Teach

    DEVOLSON, the Dark, Evil Vortex of Late September, October and November, is an acronym I coined as a way to identify what is for me the busiest and often the most difficult time of year. (Obviously it's not always dark or evil, but the acronym isn't as fun without dramatic adjectives.)

    Full article here:


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