cheap heat that can't be beat!

About Our Product

  • The Saver-Stat is touch screen because it is modern and preferred for most people
  • Just type in your budget, rooms in your house, and square footage of your house into the thermostat and it will adjust monthly to what you can afford
  • Our goal is keep your electric and gas bill within your budget and not get your electricity turned off
  • It will have the qualities of scheduling and programming, design, features, and warranty and support
  • It is a wired, self installed thermostat


  • Our product is already programmed and it has been shown that a thermostat that isn’t programed can lose you up to $173 a year but a programmed thermostat have proved save from $300-400 a year
  • On average people spend around $2,200 on heating and cooling
  • We plan on pricing the Saver-Stat between $250 and $300
  • It would most likely be the most expensive thermostat out there but in the long run the Saver-Stat would earn you your money back