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MommySplurge - Brandy O'Grady

Get a free item when you join my South Hill Designs Team!

I am looking for sociable & fashionable women to join my team! I love making money on the side with South Hill Designs custom lockets and . You will too. Check out my June Offer for new Artists joining my South Hill Designs Team! Get a free item when joining. I encourage artists to do South Hill Designs their own way - whether it's catalog shows, helping hostesses earn free jewelry with socials, or just wearing a locket to generate interest. Direct sales doesn't have to be weird! Tell your story and run your business your own way.

Host a South Hill Designs Social

Learn all about hosting a South Hill Designs Social. I do socials in the DC area and also when traveling. But no need to have people in your home (the carpet! eek!). I also do Facebook socials! Our hostess rewards are amazing and you can earn free and half-priced jewelry very easily! Ask me about this month's special offer for hostesses!

South Hill Designs is Innovating!

South Hill Designs is constantly coming out with new lockets, charms, necklaces, screens, and coins. The possibilities are endless! Create your new custom locket and shop South Hill Designs with me!

About me

I'm so excited to be a South Hill Designs Artist! I would love to help you select your custom locket to tell your story, host a social (and earn free jewelry), or for you to join my team!