December 4th Meeting

4:30-6:30pm in Rockefeller Room 104

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We're All Ears!

Have a concern, question, event, or initiative you'd like to share with your representatives on the Student Assembly? Broadcast it at our Open Mic session at the start of the meeting or tell one of your representatives.

Meeting Agenda

PDF of the Agenda

I. Call to Order & Roll Call

II. Open Microphone

III. Announcements and Reports:

  1. Committee Chair Reports

IV. Business of the Day
  1. Resolution 24: Cost Barriers to Study Abroad
  2. Resolution 25: Bystander Trainings for Student Groups
  3. Resolution 26: Promoting Justice and Friendship in the Housing Lottery

V. New Business

  1. Resolution 27: Ending Bottled Water Sales on Cornell Campus
  2. Resolution 28: Improving Research Matching for Students and Professors
  3. Resolution 29: Improving Academic Advising
  4. Resolution 30: Indigenous Peoples' Day
  5. Resolution 33: Supporting the Establishment of a Veterans Resource Center

VI. Executive Session

Events Spotlight