International Insurance

International Insurance that you truly deserve!

Traveling abroad or in a different country is absolutely fun and exciting, especially if it is your first time to visit a certain place but it can also be risky. As the famous saying goes, you should expect the unexpected and always be prepared on the possible things that might happen while you are traveling. Possible things like you getting sick, minor accidents, or any other situation that requires medical assistance. It is definitely a great relief to know that all these are covered while you are away. You can totally enjoy your stay or vacation abroad without worrying about what might happen. is known for providing excellent international insurance services for more than twenty years. They specializes in providing great international assistance for all members to make sure that all circumstances that might happen to them while traveling would be addressed properly and immediately. This insurance is totally perfect for those who travels a lot or for those who spend weeks, months, or even years in a different country.

The international insurance that they offer is absolutely far different from the regular insurance, most of the medical assistance that they offer stops at the border of a certain country. If you went outside the border and something happened to you, they definitely would not cover it. That is the great thing about, they provide timely and exceptional medical assistance all over the world, no matter where you are located. They make sure that you get the medical assistance that you need, anytime and anywhere. This is absolutely the insurance that you can take wherever you go, may it be on a cruise ship, abroad, or anywhere else.

Some of the amazing services that they provide are:

  • Patriot Travel Medical Insurance – This service is perfect for those who are traveling that needs medical assistance including evacuation, repatriation, and any other situation that requires medical assistance.
  • Student Health Advantage – This insurance is specially designed for students who study abroad including the families. This also covers organized sports, mental health, and pregnancy. After twelve months of successful membership, all your pre-existing medical conditions would also be covered.
  • Global Educators Medical – This is specially made for educators and school administrators located all over the world. Full comprehensive medical assistance is absolutely included.
  • Sky Rescue – This service can be used if you need to evacuate, air lift from your location to a certain hospital if you need immediate medical attention, return of remain, any a lot more medical assistance that requires sky rescue.
  • Global Crew Medical Insurance – This is specially made for those who work on a cruise ship. They make sure that you are covered wherever you go.

Those are some of the exceptional services that they offer. So next time you travel abroad, make sure that you are covered just in case an unfortunate event happens. guarantees that you get all medical assistance that you need wherever you are located. They absolutely make sure that you get international insurance service that you truly deserve.