What would happen without it?

Special Wants

Fish scales are used in shimmery makeup.

Fish oil can be used in soap making.

Many oils come from fish and whales. Without sealife people wouldn't get certain perfumes

In conclusion, sealife is used by you almost every day

Fun Fish Things

Many children's movies are based off of fish. Without fish we wouldn't have famous movies like Finding Nemo or Shark Tale.

Without sealife we also wouldn't have major sports events like fishing tournaments.

And Animal Planet wouldn't have Shark Week. Or shows like Deadliest Catch.

Needed for Life

What would life today be like if fish and sealife had gone extinct in the past?

Many ancient coastal civilizations like the Norte Chico would die out.

And since there are many useful oils that come from fish and whales, we wouldn't have the first oil lamps. Or some kinds of medicines.

Sealife Helps Sealife

There are many aquatic food webs.

Without small fish many larger things would die out.

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In conclusion, Many people would be missing important things. Port cities wouldn't make money for fish. We wouldn't have soaps to wash with. No one would have seafood. We also wouldn't have lights like oil lamps. Or some special medicines.