Your Signature Speech in a DAY

VIP-Day ... It's a full day all about you!



Are you someone who stands in awe of those who give fabulous presentations, (...and says to yourself "I wish I could do that") or someone who has never even pictured yourself giving presentations but somehow knows that 'if you could do that' others just might take you more seriously?

It's ALL true.

People will take you more seriously (heck, you might even take yourself more seriously). People will view you more authoritatively. And they'll start standing in awe of you. And when that happens you start walking with confidence and owning your expertise in a way that is truly magnetic.

Speaking is the FASTEST way to grow your business...

When you're willing to put yourself out there as a speaker something magical happens; 1) You are automatically granted a leadership position. 2) You have a captive audience waiting to hear your words of wisdom. 3) You are in a prime position to create the know, like, trust factor that makes everything in your business easier.


When you start speaking you position yourself to become the expert in the eyes of the audience. Once someone thinks of you as the expert, more doors start opening up for you to keep claiming it.

SPEAKING SETS YOU APART from your competition.

Those of us who live in the world of abundance like to think that there is no such thing as competition. And while that may be true, I also know that by distinguishing yourself as a speaker you can jump lightyears ahead of those who aren't willing to do it. And that can be a big boost to you in your bottom line.

So, what's stopping you?

You got to have guts...

It's what stops most of us from doing anything new. In a word, fear (or call it anxiety or avoidance, or busyness or lack of desire or something else). No matter what you call it, though it all comes down to this. None of us want to make a fool of ourselves, embarrass ourselves, or make things worse. After all, it's one thing to 'fail' in the quiet of our own home or office, another thing entirely to 'fail' in front of a live audience.

I get it. I've been there and believe you me, I have enough stories to be embarrassed for all of us. But I have learned the number one secret to being ok being on stage. And it's not what you might think. It's not about delivering a perfect presentation. It's not even about being technically a great speaker.

It's all about learning to be ok being you.

And that's the easy part. Because you know you better than anyone else!

And more than anything else it can be a HUGE boost to your confidence.

I want that for you. For all women actually. I want to hear your unique story in your unique way and to see us all become more powerful as a result.

"By far, the most powerful personal improvement class I have taken"

“I joined the Art of Speaking Up class because I wanted to learn and practice better ways to 'think on my feet’. I got that and a whole lot more. The most valuable take away for me was getting first-hand experience being fully ‘in my body’ while speaking. My comfort level soared in ways I didn't think possible. I got comfortable with owning my space, having a powerful presence, being authentic and being my own inner expert. I shed plenty of old misconceptions I had about my public speaking abilities. Any woman would be transformed from this experience, even if she believed herself to be a good public speaker. It was wonderfully supportive. Debbie made us all feel comfortable, safe, and capable. She believed in every one of us and created an environment of trust where we could practice speaking up and being ourselves. This was, by far, the most powerful personal improvement class I have taken.”

- Nadya S. Boulder, CO

"My level of comfort definitely increased"

My level of comfort definitely increased…

“I was feeling particularly worried about an upcoming presentation and I desperately wanted to feel comfortable speaking in front of people. I hoped the class would offer specific strategies as well as an opportunity to practice public speaking. I got that and so much more. The class definitely built my confidence and helped me to see myself from a new perspective. I never would have described myself as a confident speaker before this class, but I’m now starting to see myself that way.

- Lark R. Lafayette, CO

"It was life changing for me"

I learned to be my authentic self when standing up in front of any group. Debbie is a terrific coach and very, very positive. I felt like I could truly be myself, even with all my nervousness. I would HIGHLY recommend this class for any woman who is struggling with public speaking or just being the center of attention. I experienced a noticeable increase in my own comfort level speaking, and the comfort I started to feel in the class transferred outside the class and in to my every day life as well. I still have more work to do, as I wasn’t ‘fixed’ in 4 short weeks, but I’m now excited about learning and practicing more (as opposed to being terrified). Debbie, thank you so much for creating such a positive experience. Taking your class was truly life changing for me!”

-Lynn, Boulder, CO


VIP DAY - YOUR Signature Speech in a Day!


A VIP DAY is a chance to get a speech completely done, top to bottom in one day. The VIP DAY is for busy women who like to make a decision and then get it done. Instead of spending months in a coaching program or weeks in a class, we're going to spend 1 full day (10:00am-3:00pm) working side-by-side and create your signature speech. At the end of the day you will have a complete speech specifically tailored to you, that serves the purpose you want the speech to serve, and is ready to be delivered. Not only that, but we'll spend a portion of the day, practicing the delivery. So you'll walk away with everything you need to deliver a speech that you feel great about.

Why do I need a signature speech?

Who is this for?

Women is all about you getting more comfortable being 'on stage' (whatever that is to you). It is specifically designed to challenge you, to help you discover some edges, and to learn what it means to 'be yourself' in front of an audience ... and all in a completely supportive way.

Each class will be doing some group exercises as well as individual practice excercises. There is NOTHING to PREPARE, nothing to write, no need to be clever, just a requirement to show up and be fully present!


Who Is This For?

This is for any woman who knows she wants to feel more like herself while speaking in front of a group. You might be a woman starting a new businesses (and recognize that speaking might be important part of your plan). You might be a stay-at-home mom wondering what you're going to 'do next'. You might even be someone that has to speak as part of your life (but you still dread or chose to avoid it whenever possible). The common denominator is that you feel some anxiety when thinking about speaking (...and you definitely don't feel like yourself).

Is this Anything like ToastMasters?

It's more like an alternative to Toastmasters. Like Toastmasters, this class gives you lots of opportunities to practice. But unlike Toastmasters, the focus for this class is not on a 'right way and wrong way' to give a talk. Instead the focus for this class is on learning to be comfortable being yourself.

Will I be Working on Writing A Speech?

No....or at least not as part of this class. We'll be doing lots of exercises and practices that help you experience being authentic 'on stage' but there is nothing to prepare. But don't let that fool you - once you get comfortable, the writing becomes the easy part.

"By far, the most powerful personal improvement class I have taken"

“I joined the Art of Speaking Up class because I wanted to learn and practice better ways to 'think on my feet’. I got that and a whole lot more. The most valuable take away for me was getting first-hand experience being fully ‘in my body’ while speaking. My comfort level soared in ways I didn't think possible."

- Nadya, Boulder, CO

TUES + THURS afternoons 9:00-11:00am . . .(TWO weeks) October 20 - October 29

When. . . 9:00am - 11:00am Oct 20, Oct 22, Oct 27, Oct 29

Where. . .Boulder, CO (details upon registration)

What a difference a month makes...

IMAGINE: feeling more comfortable, more energized, and more confident about speaking in just 2-weeks.... AND having fun doing it.

Your guide

Debbie Sipowicz is the founder of Creatively Empowered, LLC (, a business dedicated to helping women find their voices and make a difference in the world. She is a 3-time entrepreneur with over 20 years experience including co-founding one business that grew to over 65 employees. Debbie enjoys helping women step into their power in ways that are creative, fun and deeply authentic. She currently teaches women’s speaking classes, leads women’s online writing groups, and facilitates women’s leadership circles. She wholeheartedly believes nothing but ‘good things’ come from showing up in the world, fully, completely & as authentically you.

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Art of Speaking Up - 2 weeks ....(4 sessions)

Tuesday, Oct. 20th, 9am to Thursday, Oct. 29th, 11am

Boulder, CO

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