Alexis Haugen

All about me

My favorites!

I have lots of favorite things, so I chose to write about all of them! Well, maybe not ALL of them. I am only going to name a few. There are a couple important ones...... I think? Maybe they are not so important. They are still some of my faves though! The first fave of mine is cheerleading. I just love doing all the cool flips, and tricks, cartwheels, handstands, ect. My second is all my best friends! They are always so supportive when I am feeling down or I am hurt... They are just the best friends I could ever have. An example is my best friend Abby. When there was something that was going on that bothered me and it also was awkward, she helped me by keeping my mind off of it and staying cool. My third fave is cute neon colors!! They are so bright and pretty! I can't chose my favorite out of all the neon colors, because they are all so cute!