2015 Year in Review

Three Best Marketed Companies

Apple- Apple also know as Mac is a technology company who sells a wide variety of electronics varying from phones, to computers. They have done an amazing job marketing because they leak pictures of new products on social media months before the release. Then closer to the time of release they put out official commercial which creates a lot of buzz because people like how there software is set up, because it is like no other technology company. They always are creating new products so people keep coming back to their products.

Nike- Nike is a sports wear company who sells products ranging from socks and shoes, to leggings and shirts. One big way Nike has been becoming increasingly popular especially among teenage and young women is social media. Known as "tumblr girls" or Instagram famous girls will take cool pictures in Nike clothes which will cause girls to want to go out and buy it. With this most this popular social media figures are sponsored by Nike. Another way they have marketed themselves is commercials in mainstream media.

Too Faced Cosmetics- Too Faced has been a lesser used brand for the past couple years in the beauty industry. But recently they as well have taken up the social media tactic of advertising and have used popular Youtuber's such as Gigi Gorgeous to advertise their products to the youtube viewers. Mainly all their advertisement is online, but this has been very effective in increasing the sales of their products.

The Best and Worst of 2015


Sprouting- a high tech baby monitor which is a band that you can put on your child's leg that is used to help predict your child's sleeping patterns, and alarm you when they wake up through an app on your phone.

Bed in a Box- Okay so this isn't really that amazing of an invention but its pretty handy not to have to strap a mattress to the top of your car and try to carry it up stairs, when Bed in a Box comes in a medium size box and is easily moveable. Makes mattress buying a little less of a hassle.


Hover Boards- Basically a Segway without the handles, I believe these are on of the worst inventions for two reasons. They are incredibly dangerous and we are suppose to walk places, this is just increasing the laziness of the world.

Nima Sensor- This is a device that is used to check food for gluten. I guess for a really paranoid person this would be handy but almost all food places have gluten free menus so this device is honestly useless.

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Top Movies of 2015

Star Wars- The majority of marketing used for Star Wars was teaming up with other companies for products like shirts, toys, etc. As well as commercials and ad on TV and online. They have surpassed $1.5 billion in sales.

Jurassic World- Mainly used commercials and online ads, because it was already a highly anticipated movie. This movie has surpassed $1 billion in sales.

Top Artist of 2015

Fetty Wap- This year he has really gained fame, he has a unique sound and different songs, as well as his background has really increased his popularity. Getting air time of the radio is the main way of marketing himself because he was unknown until recently.

Drake- His relatively new album with Future was wildly anticipated. Social media was a big marketing source as well as releasing two songs from the album before the album was actually released created a lot of buzz around the two. Not to mention at the featuring parts Drake does in other songs.

Top 5 Songs of 2015

1. Uptown Funk- Bruno Mars

2. Cheerleader- OMI

3. Take Me to Church- Hozier

4. Love Me Like You Do- Ellie Goulding

5. See You Again- Wiz Khalifa

New Years Resloution

Personal Improvement- Better organize & work towards being a little less lazy

Family & Friends- Become better at choosing friends and creating relatiobships that are beneficial and not a waste of time.

School & the Outside World- Be successful in the last part of high school as well as College.