Join my first TEST GROUP!

60 days of coaching, motivation and accountability from ME!

What is it???

This is going to be a 60 DAY, ONLINE CHALLENGE GROUP (similar to the other online groups I run, as I’m sure you’ve seen) BUT this is a TEST GROUP! In other words, I am looking for participants who are DETERMINED TO GET RESULTS. I want COMMITTED people who are looking for jaw-dropping changes in their body! No excuse makers, complainers or whiners! I want people who are willing to make CHANGES in their lifestyle. This is not a short-term fix!


As I continue to grow my online fitness coaching business, I am looking for good testimonials and transformations to use! So, with that being said, you must be comfortable taking and submitting before/after pictures and measurements for this particular challenge.

What is required to participate?

1) You MUST post daily in our group. This is one way that I hold you accountable.

2) You absolutely must purchase a Challenge Pack- In other words, drink Shakeology daily and follow 1 at-home Beachbody fitness program to its entirety. (I.e.: P90X3, T25, Insanity, Body Pump, Body Combat, Body Beast, Chalean Extreme, and so on)

3) You must follow the clean eating meal plan that I provide for you in its entirety.

4) You must have a positive attitude!

What does it cost?

A Challenge Pack includes 1 Beachbody Fitness Program + 1 month supply of Shakeology. These range anywhere from $140-$220, depending on which program you decide to go with! I am NOT charging you for the meal plans, the challenge group itself, nor for the personal coaching I will offer throughout our 60 days together. I will do everything I can to coach you, motivate you, push you past your limits and hold you accountable to YOUR GOALS!