May Bulletin

Clearly Essential Business Builders

Greetings from North Carolina!

Yes, we're still here! We are finding it harder to pull ourselves away from "home" now that we're back. I had so much fun at our Business Opportunity and Business Builders' Bootcamp, and the next big Triad event on the horizon is the corporate Spring Tour on May 24th (see below). We've also expanded our monthly educational classes in North Carolina and Virginia and have several new dates for May. If you're in these neck of the woods, I hope to see you soon, and if not, I look forward to catching up on the road, at convention, or online.

Keep sharing and serving,


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In an ongoing effort to boost credit card security, dōTERRA has added an extra step of entering your credit card CCV code when you edit your LRP. You'll need to enter that when you select which card to use and again before you can save changes to your cart or select "process now." Just be aware that extra security measures have been put into place the next time you order. If you happen to order products on a team member's account for any reason, you'll want to create a second LRP and then delete that LRP rather than trying to edit their original LRP because the system will not let you change back and forth between credit cards on the same shopping cart unless you enter the CCV.
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Financial Value of Your Business

Watch the May Webinar: Financial Value of Your Business with Laura Garcia by midnight on May 15th and fill out this form to enter to win Douglas Fir and Melaleuca!

May Specials and Promotions

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Our In Bloom promotion is now extended until May 15! Please read the following updates:

How to Earn:

• If you haven't yet earned Jasmine (4 enrollments of 100 PV), Rose (7 enrollments of 100 PV), or both oils (11 enrollments of 100 PV), you now have an additional fifteen days (until May 15) to earn any of these categories.

• If you have earned Rose and Jasmine in April, by enrolling 11+ individuals with 100 PV, you can earn an additional Jasmine, Rose, or both by meeting the requirements for a second time.

• In addition, individuals who did not reach 11 enrollments in their first month, but reach 11 in their second month can continue enrolling individuals to achieve a second Jasmine (15 total enrollments with 100 PV), a second Rose (18 total enrollments with 100 PV) or both (22 total enrollments with 100 PV).

Wondering What to Read Next?

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Personal development is crucial to your success! I encourage you to read 15-30 minutes per day and journal what stands out to you most along with how you plan to implement what you're learning into your life and business. You'll be amazed at how this simple act changes your perspective and helps you coach your team!
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NEW - Just for y-o-u!

We've been working hard to bring you some helpful business resources all in one handy place - the Clearly Essential DropBox! Simply follow this link and find many helpful files, documents, and other tools to help you succeed! Download what you need and come back for more later! This month we have this month's webinar (see above), as well as my new 38-minute presentation of the business opportunity. If you're sending the business opportunity to team members or prospective team members, use this link.

Save These Dates!

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Spring Cleaning Your Body Tour May 24th, 2016

Set aside an evening for Spring Cleaning Your Body! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join doTERRA's Rich Higbee as he shares product tips and information on how to keep yourself and your family healthy this season. Spring cleaning is a way to recharge, rejuvenate and renew your environment and your commitment to health. This year, extend your spring cleaning to encompass not only your home, but yourself. Cleaning can jump-start your body for a more active, healthy lifestyle.

Click here to register for the Spring Tour event on May 24th in Greensboro.

Click here for a list of dates and locations, if you are not in the Triad area.

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If you're attending the Greensboro, Winston-Salem, or Hickory classes, I wanted to let you know that these will be Presidential Diamond Club classes. I will be there and will be able to offer extra free oils for anyone who enrolls (Purify for 100 PV+ and Purify + Deep Blue for 400 PV+ enrollment orders). Combined with our 200 PV special this month, that's a great deal!
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doTERRA's Convention is the THE event to attend to learn more about the oils, this amazing company, and the good we do in the world. This year, Convention will be September 14–17 in Salt Lake City. If you're building a doTERRA business, you really need to make every effort to get there. I've never had someone tell me it's not worth it. Ever. Convention ticket sales for the general public are still available but won't last long! We are also having a BIG team party to show appreciation to our team, and it will be the last year our whole team will be able to be together for a gathering at convention since we will soon outgrow the venues available in Salt Lake City. I hope you can join us this year!
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Congratulations to our team members who rank advanced in April!

The Clearly Essential Team had a total of 115 new rank advancements in April.
Way to grow!


Sue Blalock


Sara Muncy

Maria Cable


Betty DeMers

Denise Wayson

Kimberley Stolarick

Barbara Barron

Erin Blakley

Rick Compton

Laura Easter

Stephanie Greene

Debby Paul

Roberta Byram

Betty Marshall

Chris Fankhauser

Annette Manns


Donna Boone

Angela Cheek

Karen Painter

Pat and Brandi Davis

Leesa James

Janet Young

Meredith Renuart

Elisa Cohoon

Jacqueline Callicutt

Trudy Tufte

Jan Gaines

Laura Stanfield

Marcey Pertsinides

We also had 23 new Managers and 60 new Directors. Congratulations!

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Top Enroller Recognition

Congratulations, Clearly Essential Team! We are now 13,452 total members (10,645 Wellness Advocates) strong on our team. As a team we enrolled 821 new members in April. Here are our top 3 enrollers for the month:

#3 with 11 new WA enrollees: Heather Ulrich, Debby Paul, and Maria Cable!

#2 with 12 new WA enrollees: Suzanna Underwood and Diana McCollister!

#1 with 13 new WA enrollees: Sue Blalock, who will receive a bottle of Patchouli for being our top enroller!

Way to share and build your teams, but most of all, thank you for serving others well, even when it means getting way out of your comfort zones. Lives are being changed because of all of you!

Business Blog

Have you checked out the doTERRA Business Blog? Here's a great article on Facing Failure or the Fear of Failure, and another on Framing Your Message. There's a wealth of knowledge and training!
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Healing Hands Trip to Nepal

The first time I heard about Healing Hands was the moment I knew I had found a company I could represent for a lifetime. You may not realize how powerful of an impact your $1 donation to Healing Hands on your monthly LRP order is or how a bottle of Rose Hand Lotion can change lives. Emily Wright has been in Nepal this week, where our donations have been put to work in alleviating the effects of devastating earthquakes through building projects, repairs, relationships, and partnership with the beautiful Nepalese people. If you aren't already committing to donating $1 per month to Healing Hands, I urge you to update your LRP right now. (Just pretend shipping went up by $1 if that helps you budget!) Thank you for all you do and for just being amazing YOU! We really are changing the world together. <3