The Me Project

By: Naval Sharma

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Who am I?

Hello my name is Naval Sharma and I am 15 and will be turning 16 this year . I was born In Canada Ontario Brampton on October 29 2000. I go to Louis Arbour secondary school. I am a huge Maple leafs, Raptors and blue jays fan and I love playing sports. My favorite sport is hockey. I am a really funny and energetic person and always love being active. I am also a kenstic learner which means i learn the best with hands on things. I also enjoy playing video games such as fiffa and GTA 5.

My Life Line

My Favorite Things

My Leadership Style

I would say my leader ship style is Leader as a teller and that basically means I am in charge and I make all the decisions and tell every one what to do. I like the leadership style because I like being in charge and don't like it when some one disagrees with me. I also like this because i can teach my team how to do stuff and I also like to teach people how to do stuff.

My Influences

All of my friends and family have been a huge influences. They have shaped me into what I am today and shown me the difference between wrong and right. My friends and family have also taught me stuff and shown me how to do things. For example my family and friends have taught me not to bad things such as doing drugs and drinking.

My Role Model

My role model is my mom because she is a hardworking and honest women. She is also my role model because she teaches not to bully any body and treat every one fair. She is also my role model because she taught me not to bad things like fight, do drugs and drink alcohol. Also she cares about me and wants to see me be successful.

My Future

For my future I want to be police officer. To be come a police officer you can just need a grade 12 diploma but I will go to University for 4 years because the higher the qualifications you have the chance of you getting the job will go higher. I want to be a police officer because on this job you are not sitting in boring office you are always on the move and I like that because I am an active and energetic person. I also like this job because I can make a difference in my community and help stop the violence and drugs.

Family Symbols

Personality Test Results

My Blueprint-Learning Styles: Auditory-Kinesthetic Learner, That means I like to be active when I am learning and like to be hands on and also like listening.

My Blueprint-Personality: Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging. That means I am comfortable in a group setting and I corporate well with others

My Blueprint-Interests: The Specialist, That means I devote myself to one subject or a particular are of the subject.

My Blueprint-Knowledge: Business

My Blueprint-Motivations: Independence, That means I am good with deadlines and I never shy away for talking responsibility for my actions.

My Blueprint-Compatibility: Police Officer

Top 3 Occupations Matches: Police Officer, Accountant and Energy Brooker

Right Brain or Left Brain: I am 52% right brain and 48% left brain. So I am basically right in the middle but I am right brain dominant and that basically means that I am active e visual and good a summarizing many points but it also means I can some time lack to attention detail and organization.

Holland Code Career Test all six: I am a persuader according to this test. A persuader is someone who is good at leading a team and has an influence on other. Persuaders also work very well in a business environment.