7th Grade Family Newsletter

April 2020

First Week "Back to School"

We hope you are just as excited as we are to be back in school and for your child to continue learning. Students should be checking Schoology for their daily lessons in their classes and attending their "live sessions" throughout the week. Your child should spend about 30 minutes per class each day (for a total of no more than three hours a day). As we progress in our Continuous Learning format, please be sure to share with us your feedback on how to maintain or improve the process.

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*If you have any questions about your child's schedule, please contact their CAT Time teacher.

*If you are having technical difficulties and need help with your child's tablet, please call the HELP DESK at (785) 717-4357. They are here to assist you Monday-Friday from 7:00AM - 5:30PM.

*If you are interested in providing feedback, please contact 7th Grade Assistant Principal, Brandi Lundgren at brandilundgren@usd475.org or 7th Grade Counselor, Michael Frint at michaelfrint@usd475.org. Many thanks!

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Picking Electives for 8th Grade

After a few technological issues, I think we have everything worked out. Please make sure your child checks their school email and notifies Mr. Frint of their top 6 choices. (Students should already have an email sharing their choices for next school year.) Mr. Frint will send a return email to notify your child he got their choices.

The hope is to have all this work wrapped up no later than Wednesday, April 15th.

Student Passwords

Please check that your child is using a secure password, that is unknown to others (except you), to login to their school tablet. This is to protect them and their account.

Counseling Corner with Frint

Ever have one of those days with technology? Mine was on Monday. I turned the computer on and it was slow...like really slow. I tried to get into several files and the computer wouldn't open them. Then I went online to see a link I sent to all your children...of course it didn't work right. Then I had to attend a meeting on-line, the internet goes down. I call my provider and the wait time is over an hour and half. I was steaming mad at this point. So I thought, "If one of the kids came into my office right now and brought this problem, what would I do?" Fortunately, I made a healthy choice and went for a jog.

How often are these technology problems occurring to you or your children right now? I'd say a lot based off of communications I am having with others right now. Streaming videos is at an all time high, computer usage is at an all time high, being on social media...well you get the point. Can I give two ideas on how to handle this.

1. Give yourself and others some grace in this time period. Everyone, particularly adults, are struggling with our new situation. If things aren't going right, take a deep breath, wait a few minutes and problem solve particularly if it is regarding school work right now. Contact your child's teacher, give them a little time, and let them know your struggles. I am sure they will be more than understanding.

2. Find some family time away from anything technology related. Encourage a family board game night, find some kind of volunteer work in the community, go on a family walk/bike ride but find something that takes you away from your computer, phone or tv screens. (I tried to play virtual cards over the phone with my family last weekend. It didn't go exactly according to plan but there was a lot of laughter.)

Once you and your family finds some type of routine regarding on-line learning I think we all will get into the swing of things but we will find some bumps I am sure. I hope you all are doing well and if you need anything please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes,

Michael Frint

FREE WEBINAR: Positive and Productive Childcare While the Kids Are Not in School

As parents, there are times our children drive us crazy! In this time of rapid change and, for most of us, some kind of confinement at home, this can be especially true. Getting through the day can become tense, and we can be unsure about how to discipline our children.

Join us for this free web-based presentation that will cover things you can do to help your children learn to behave better and become more independent and responsible.

  • Learn how and when to use consequences for misbehavior
  • Learn how and when to use praise
  • Learn to make daily life more pleasant and relaxed around the house

Register now for one of these upcoming sessions:

April 8 at 2 pm ET (Today at 1:00 PM)

April 8 at 8 pm ET (Today at 7:00 PM)

*In case you cannot tune-in to this webinar, I have attached my notes (below) from a previous day's session. I hope you find the information as timely and helpful as I did. - Mrs. Lundgren

Meal Service Update

The following locations are available for grab and go lunches for children beginning March 30th from
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM Monday - Friday.

Early Childhood Center – 1803 Elmdale Ave
H.D. Karns Building – 300 W 9th (Parking lot in back)
Grandview Elementary – 109 E Grandview (Grandview Plaza)
Milford Elementary – 402 12th St (Milford)
Seitz Elementary – 27500 Rifle Range Rd (Fort Riley)
Sheridan Elementary – 429 W Ash
Spring Valley Elementary – 1601 Hickory Ln
Washington Elementary – 1500 N Washington

Westwood Elementary – 1600 N Eisenhower

Meals are free for ALL children age 1-18. Children receive a lunch and a breakfast for the next day. Children must be present to receive the meals.

United Way of JC-GC also provides family meal kits which are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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