Wildcat News 10/9

From the desk of Beckie Webster

Thank you for keeping the focus on student learning:

We have such an amazing staff who all care so deeply about students and their learning. Thank you for a job well done and now we have a way to share. Please check out our website for "Spotlight on Whitestone Staff and Community" to brag on each other about the things we do to support student learning here at WSE. We already have 4 brag tags and we just started-way to go Wildcats! Stop by the glass case outside of the MPR and take a look. Thank you for your participation!

Thank you to Yvette Venegas (her own children, too), Gisselle Martin (her daughter and former WIldcat), Vilma Garza-Wood and Cynthia Diaz de Leon for your Dual Lang. 2 Way Parent Night on Tuesday. What a beautiful experience to listen to parents about how excited they are that their 5 year old is learning a new language. Thank you to our teachers and staff for your support of this wonderful program!

Whitestone Wildcats!

Join us for some fun. The Mudstacle & Family Fun Run is Sat., Oct. 17th at 8:30am at Vista Ridge High School. WSE has won $400 for the school with the most runners every year. Let's keep the tradition strong, join us teachers for this fun event to help keep our community fit! Come join the fun and the mud! (Please communicate this event in your weekly newsletters, class messengers, etc.).

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