LV Technology

Jessica Heckmann

Typing Web

- We did a 5 minute typing warm up.

- When we get older we will be able to type fast and accurate.

- Typing could benefit us with our job.

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- On iTrailer we made a trailer about us.

- iTrailer helps us when we are older because we can show more about us.

- It could benefit us by showing the fun in assignments.

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Career Locker

- Career Locker helped show us things about different jobs.

- The website could benefit us by getting us interested in different jobs.

- When I am older it can help me because I will know more about jobs.

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Haiku Deck

- I learned what good information is to put on a presentation.

- It helped me know more about the job.

- Haiku Deck will benefit me with my presentation skills.

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Explain Everything

-The presentation helped us to explain how we did things.

- Explain Everything helped me speak fluently.

- It helped us show why we did the things that we did.

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Hour of Code

-Hour of Code helped us solve equations.

-We had to help Elsa and Anna from Frozen ice skate.

-It helped us with our angles and directions.

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Email Etiquette

-Email Etiquette helped us write a proper message to someone.

-We fixed bad Emails and practiced sending good ones.

-It can benefit us with writing messages in the future.

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