Flappers And Beauty Pageants

By: Maddie Posekany


Flappers where northern, urban, single, young, middle-class, women. The flapper had a unmistakable look, wore high heels, hair to shoulders, wore short dresses, listened to jazz music. The older women viewed the flappers as different because they didn't follow what everyone else wore they did they did what they wanted. This was a great time for women to experiment with new looks, jobs, lifestyles. This was the time women got to dominated more the men did.

Beauty Pageants

From the very beginning beauty pageants were looked at as something presenting a bad image for yourself. Beauty Pageant where interest and leisure come together on New Jersey beach and the Miss America was born. In the roaring twenty was a new era or new possibility one with women's rights to vote. Beauty Pageants become a unique American tradition begins as a promotional gimmick. Social values also became stronger when women got arrested for pulling down their knee socks to expose their knees at the beach. Many people still have the same opinions about pageants but they still play part in American's life today. Any where from toddlers to women competing in them.