Majestic Miami, FL

By: Shane O, Phoebe and Anne-Marie

Daily Summary of the Weather

We are reporting from Miami, FL. Today is May 24, 2013, a beautiful 84.6 ºF outside. The precipitation amount for the month is 2.17”.Winds are blowing WNW at 4 mph. Not much of a breeze today so it is pretty hot! The humidity is 59%. It is a hot day here in Miami. The Barometric Pressure is at 30.6”. A little foggy out there today, some low, scattered clouds. You don’t need to get your umbrellas out folks because the low pressure just missed us today but it will come back later.

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Miami, FL SPA by Deerfield SoundCloud 2
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Geography’s Impact

Miami is closer to the equator than any other contiguous state so it gets much warmer. Florida is only 100 feet above sea level and that means Florida has a low altitude. Florida has mostly flat land so the temperature doesn't vary throughout the state. Florida is a coastal state, surrounded by ocean so it acts like a giant air conditioning system, and that keeps the weather moderate because it is a peninsula, it gets a lot of humidity. Florida is in the South East of the U.S.

How weather affects visitors, and citizens of Florida

It is a very popular vacation spot for families. Walt Disney World is also a very popular tourist attraction in Orlando, Florida. Since Florida is known for its oranges, that also attracts people, they can go pick fresh oranges. Orange farms also provide jobs for many people because it takes a lot of work to run an orange farm. Florida is a big tourist state so a lot of jobs are created by hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, beaches, malls, and more! Florida is also hot and sunny so people love to come to Florida for a vacation on the beach. Fishing also creates jobs and is also an attraction to tourists.

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