Kinder Corner

Week of March 27-13

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This was a TOUGH week for our Kinder kiddos. Statewide testing for the older grades affects the whole school, and they handled it BEAUTIFULLY!!! We are SO proud of your children and feel fortunate to be their teachers!
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We are noticing that more children are forgetting to bring in their folders, weekly readers and library books. Please help your child remember these items. Thank you.

Each class's library day is:

  • Jones - Monday
  • J - Wednesday
  • Patel - Thursday

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Spring Fever has hit Kindergarten!

HOWEVER, we have lots of important learning going on, including end of the year testing coming up!

In order to fully prepare your child for First Grade, we need them to be well-rested and ready learn each day. : )

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This Spring is projected to be one of the worst allergy seasons we've had in years! We have lots of sniffly noses and even fevers! As a reminder, we do go outside twice a day - weather permitting. If your child is especially sensitive to outdoor allergens, please prepare them as you see fit.
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Language Arts/Social Studies:

  • Unit: Insects
  • Letter Gg
  • Sight words: he, she
  • opposites
  • Let's find out by exploring


2D and 3D shapes


Plants Grow and Change