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August 28, 2020

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I have to admit that I had concerns about how our new COVID-19 protocols would impact our students’ experiences at school - as I am sure that many of you did. While the new procedures have definitely changed some things, this week my heart has been reassured by the familiar sounds of joyful engagement that not everything has changed. Our children want to be here and they continue to enjoy learning. One teacher reported that a little one cried one day this week because it was time to leave for the day and they just wished it could last a bit longer. That’s the love of learning nurtured in a Montessori school that even a pandemic cannot extinguish!

Monday, August 31, marks the 150th birthday of Maria Montessori. We will be honoring Dr. Montessori all across campus in various ways. Some classrooms have planned a “walk around the sun” celebration. Our faculty will be wearing their Montessori T-shirts in recognition of Maria’s special day and we invite the students to do the same. There will be balloons and Maria hand fans to add to the festivities. Each program has also worked on a video to share some of Dr. Montessori’s inspiring quotes. There will even be a special remote book reading by our MSA Founder Karen Holt! We just want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the transformational contributions that Dr. Maria Montessori made to the field of education over 100 years ago that laid the foundation for the Montessori School of Anderson and other Montessori schools around the world. We celebrate Dr. Maria Montessori and the significant positive impact her life’s work has had on each of us here at MSA!

Check out our Facebook page on Monday for our Montessori quotes video. Also, a special thank you to the “Awesome Fossums” for the Little People, Big Ideas: Maria Montessori book!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Dr. Dana Hill

Dates to Remember

Remember that you can always check the MSA website calendar for upcoming calendar events.

August 31 - Maria Montessori's 150th birthday

September 7 - Labor Day holiday, All Programs Closed

September 11 - Friday pizza lunches start (order through main office)

September 25 - Primary Planet Pajama Party

Peace • Love • Montessori Shirts

It is time for us to place a new shirt order! Good news: shirts can be ordered in 2T/3T through XXXL. There are two design options and several styles to choose from, including the shirts that MSA faculty and staff wore last Friday -- see the order form for more details. If you would like to place an order, please return this form with payment to Jaime Emery in the Main Office. Orders and payment are due by Friday, September 11th.

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Electrostatic Spraying

Teachers across the school have been trained by Mr. Larry to use our new electrostatic cleaner in order to provide additional cleaning throughout the school day.
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Primary Lessons

Primary students were excited to return to their works in person over the past couple weeks and have picked up right where they left off.
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These students are using Montessori bead chains to learn counting, squares, and cubes of numbers from one to ten, learning parts of birds using three-part cards, and practicing sequencing and visual perception of differences in size using the brown stair work.
This Primary Two student is refining her auditory senses using sound cylinders.
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Upper School Crocheting

For this week's community service project, our high school senior taught the rest of the students in the Upper School the basics of crocheting for a future project making supplies for personal protective equipment. The students also worked on sewing buttons on strips of felt cloth to create mask extenders. If you have any extra felt scraps or buttons lying around that you would like to contribute to this project, please drop them off in the front office.
Upper School students also reinforced their ability to visualize six feet for social distancing by guesstimating how many of various objects in a row would add up to six feet in length.
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