Reading Final

By Malloy Helvie

Demeter and Persrphone

a) The consequense of Demeter's actions is that the whole world turned cold and crops couldn't grow. This could cause extinction to mankind.

b) Mankind suffered because of her selfish actions. They had no food for the harsh weather and all of their crops and livestock didn't survive either.`

c) This myth helps illustrate how one's selfish actions can effect the whole community. When Demeter changed the seasons, all of mankind suffered.

Sun and Moon in a Box

a) Because Coyote is selfish and ignorant and opens the box, the seasons change for the whole world. Everyone must learn to adapt to a new lifestyle.

b) I think the Coyote is to blame for the Sun and Moon getting away. He is the one who opened the box and it shouldn't be Eagle's responsibility to monitor Coyote.

c) The folktale implies that because of and individual's (Coyote) foolish actions the whole community is affected in a negative way.

Popo and Ixy

a) The emperor's decision at the beginning was best for community because it helped all the warriors to fight harder in the battles so they could marry his daughter and gave the kingdom a strong ruler.

b) It is sometimes important to consider the needs of a community before the needs of an individual because it would be better to have the whole community happy and one person upset than the other way around. Someone must sacrifice some of what they want for the community as a whole.