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HydraLyft Review - Does Cecilia Wong’s Supplement Really Work?

If you are care about the health and appearance of your skin - then you have likely heard about collagen and Hyaluronic acid.

These two are both super important for keeping your skin looking young, smooth, plump and hydrated, and as such there have been a ton of collagen and Hyaluronic acid beauty products flooding the market in recent years.

One product “HydraLyft” has been getting a ton of coverage lately in large part because it was formulated by celebrity skin care specialist Cecilia Wong.

You can read my full customer review below to learn the whole story about HydraLyft.com

Obviously for those of us concerned with looking good - our skin’s appearance is one of the biggest factors in our overall physical appearance. And if you notice your skin starting to look wrinkly, crepey, and losing it’s glow this can be a very upsetting experience.

Nobody wants to feel like their looks are fading!

Interestingly, the reason why skin can start to look wrinkly and dull actually has to do with changes going on down in the “dermal” layer of the skin. Apparently, as we age, this layer begins to collapse, grow thinner and lose the moisture it needs to keep the outer, visible layer hydrated.

The solution - as numerous research studies have shown - is that healthy collagen and Hyaluronic acid levels are critical to maintaining the skins health and appearance. But as you can imagine, not all collagen and Hyaluronic acid products are created equal - so I decided to deep-dive into the science behind how these products work - and find the best one... Which bring us to HydraLyft.

So lets take a look at it - as many other women are raving about how it’s apparently delivering remarkable results - helping their skin regain it’s smooth, plump and radiant glow.*

HydraLyft - The Basic Info…

HydraLyft was created by Cecilia Wong - a skin care specialist who has worked with many big name celebrities. Wong apparently founded her new company 5th & Glow (Beautifyy Pte Ltd) to provide her high end skin care solutions to the general public without the celebrity price tag.

The product comes in a capsule form (its on the small side and quite easy to swallow) that is intended to me taken once daily, preferrably with meals to optimize absorption.

Wong’s approach to skin care has it’s roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM which emphasizes an integrated natural approach to tap into the body’s natural self-healing abilities.

HydraLyft - How It Works:

There is a great deal of scientific research that went into the creation of this product that you can read more about on Wong’s website here.

Essentially the idea is that while collagen and Hyaluronic acid are critical to maintaining and restoring the skins health and appearance, you can’t simple rub these them on your skin or swallow some generic collagen supplement and expect to see results.

With creams the issue is that - unless the collagen or hyaluronic acid cream you’re using can somehow penetrate all the way down to the dermal layer of your skin then really it is nothing more than an overpriced moisturizer!

And with collagen supplements - these are all almost completely destroyed by your stomach acids, which completely negates their usefulness.

HydraLyft on the other hand is formulated using natural herbal ingredients that have been shown, in clinical studies, to work with the body to help reduce the skin destroying enzyme MMP-1, help raise levels of the SOD antioxidant in the blood by 60%, stimulate Hyaluronic acid production, and increased collagen in the dermal layer by 80% - As well as apparently helping assist the body with numerous other natural processes that in theory should improve the skins appearance and overall well being substantially.

The list of clinical studies is available here.

HydraLyft Ingredients:

The two most exciting ingredients in HydraLyft are:

Astrion™ - a clinically proven, and trademarked astragalus extract.

Red Orange Complex™ - a trademarked blend of extracts high in skin-protecting anthocyanins.

HydraLyft Pros & Cons:

PRO - Mountains Of Science & A Name You Can Trust - As I mentioned, there have been a ton of research studies conducted that seem to indicate that the ingredients in HydraLyft can be extremely helpful. On top of this - Cecilia Wong is well known as a top celebrity skin care expert who is trusted by top celebrities whose careers depend on in large part on their ability to maintain their appearances, and she is putting her name on this product.

PRO - Safe, Natural & Tested - All of the ingredient is HydraLyft are safe, 100% natural, and there have been no reported side-effects. The product itself undergoes extensive purity, potency and safety testing.

PRO - 365 Day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - In case you are concerned that you might not be fully satisfied, you may be pleased to hear that HydraLyft offers a full 365 day money back guarantee - Meaning that you have a full year to try out the product and see if you like it, and if you aren’t fully satisfied you can get a full refund with no questions asked.

CON - HydraLyft Is NOT AVAILABLE on Amazon, GNC or in any stores. And there are many deceptive, rip-off products currently online.

Real, genuine HydraLyft is only available through the official website!

Use the links in this newsletter to ensure you are getting the genuine product - this will also ensure that you get all the free gifts and are eligible for the company’s 365 day money back guarantee!

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